5:00 AM Musings

Good morning friends, it is 5:00 AM.  I am awake and believe it or not this is when I do some of my best thinking.  If I have had good sleep that is, well actually I do some of my best thinking at 5:00 AM even if I haven’t had good sleep because I have so many things racing around in my mind. Usually this is when things stick.

I do have a lot of things on my mind as you can well imagine. I am sure you probably do too.   I am still going in to work.  My job is not an essential job, it is tourism related, so of course that is not essential.   But we have to have someone in the building for security purposes which is essential.  Me and my co-workers are taking turns going in.  We don’t stand around and chat or anything like that.  One person is leaving as another comes in.  It is quite lonely.   That Is the only place I go other than to pick up groceries once a week or so.

Our small town is never what you would call crowded by any stretch of the imagination. But yesterday as I was driving through it looked like a ghost town and this was 8:00 AM!!!
I am proud that so many people are staying in and working from home and just staying put.

My mind drifts through the events of the day before.  I started knitting a sock, dropped off supplies at the village where my mother in law lives,  this is a new experience.  We have to leave the supplies outside the front of the building and they are picked up by staff and put in quarantine for a couple of days before they are given to the resident. I did have to make a stop by the Vet Clinic to get flea and tick meds for Scruffy and Kitty Kitty. This is another new experience because of COVID-19. I had to call the clinic.  They took my payment over the phone and handed the bag out the door to me when I arrived along with a little receipt for almost $200.00. Ouch!!! That is probably why my mind is racing especially at a time when work lay offs are looming. But who am I kidding I would buy food for the babies before I would for myself. Once at home  I continued doctoring Molly’s ears, talked on the phone to my sister, cooked dinner, watched some TV with my husband. A typical day.

All of these things are normal every day things well except the different way of delivering and picking up supplies. But yet everything seems different.

I think I find solace in the little day to day happenings it makes me feel that some of the familiar is still there.

Anyway just some thoughts that I have at 5:00 AM. Time to get this usually, unusual day started.


   A little foggy this morning but a beautiful sunrise

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


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