Do You Always Have A Plan?

I feel strange writing this post about making plans. HA!!!   With COVID-19 many many plans have been changed. I am sad thinking about the plans that have been in the making for months, years or even a lifetime. Yes these plans have been changed.

Graduations have been cancelled, weddings and vacations have been postponed. Life itself, it feels like, has been put on hold.

Case in point my nephew Tyler was supposed to graduate from High School this year.  It has been canceled.  There may be some type of service later but the initial graduation service will not be held. I ask him if this bothered him and he said ” not at all”. I said “well it bothers me and your mom and your grandmother”.  Ahhh youth they seem to handle things so much better than us oldsters.

Then I think about the people who are fighting for their lives or who have lost loved ones because of this virus. I am sure they would love to have only a disruption or cancellation in their lives.

Anyway, think back to a time before COVID-19 and think about things getting back to normal, whatever that may be, and ask: Do you like to plan things?  Do you always have a plan or do you just let things happen as they may?

I think I am as spontaneous as the next person.  My husband not so much.  He doesn’t like to have things sprung on him at the last minute.  I don’t mind having that happen, well most of the time anyway.  I have noticed though, if I don’t do some type of planning I tend to let things slide and not get them done.

For instance, if I have a day off with nothing to do except clean house and buy groceries, that will be all I get done.  If I make a “plan” to do a little more, even if the plan is in my own mind, then I tend to do that.  I discovered if I leave things to chance then there is a good chance it won’t get done. Do you ever do that?  Do you find you have a limited amount of time to do something and there is just a small window of opportunity to do it? And you think ohhh just one more episode of this show I am watching, just one more chapter of my book, just another row of knitting, well you get the picture.  And then before you know it the time to do what you needed to do has come and gone. Whether this is by chance or unintentionally by choice.

If someone wants to get together on my day off. I may be about 70% on the fence about whether or not to do it.   Yes I know I will have fun and I need to get out of the house but as my day off approaches, hanging out at home looks pretty good too.  If I pick up my phone and message them and concrete the plan I know I will do it.  Once that is done I am a whole lot less likely to bail on them. I have made a commitment.

So do you like to plan things? or just let things come what may?  is that being spontaneous or unprepared?   Just asking.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!


3 thoughts on “Do You Always Have A Plan?

  1. Good Morning Lisa, I need a plan in order to accomplish things. I love a list to tick off otherwise I just don’t get done what I need to. I like a balance to the day, exercise, fresh air, maybe some paper work,maybe a little housework. I also like to include in my day some reading, some stretching, and ten minutes of quiet meditation. There was a while that I even regularly took about 15 minutes a day to use an app and study Turkish. The best times are always the times I spend with my family, and if I relax with them and watch a movie, I count that as a good use of time. I am retired but still feel like I need to accomplish things and that is why I volunteer and still am involved with Toastmasters as well. But each are part of my week for different reasons. Thank you Lisa for your post. I would love to hear more about Tennessee – enjoy your day.

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    1. It sounds like you have a wonderful pan for your days. I like making lists and checking things off as I go. I started keeping a running list on my phone under notes. It has helped me so much. I can glance at it around noon to see if I am on track the way I need to be. If I put something on that list then I work extra hard to get it finished. Family time though is the absolute best!!!!!

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  2. Sometimes I would like to learn to “un-plan”, but being anal-retentive that is highly unlikely. Can you believe I put sticky notes on my phone? Yes, the paper kind. lol


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