Weekends And A Project

Happy Monday friends how are you?  Did you have a good weekend?  I finally talked Mark into doing a project that has been needing to get done for quite a while.  More on that in just a minute.

Last week I discovered Downton Abbey.  I don’t know why I never watched this before because lord knows all of my family did.  One reason I didn’t was because we had satellite internet and it sucked rocks, I may have mentioned that a few hundred times. We did not have enough bandwidth to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime or anything.

We recently got fiber optic cable in our area and I have been enjoying some things I hadn’t been able to watch.  I started watching the Downton Abbey series and I love it!!!  I collect vintage hats and purses so it inspired me to get my hats out and try them on.  Unfortunately a lot of the vintage clothes, including hats,  run really small.  I have a rather large head.  I am sure it is because my brain is so big.  So I can’t always wear the vintage hats and usually not any of the vintage clothes, although I do have a few vintage coats that I wear.

  One of my favorite vintage hats.  The netting is a little rough in places but still in pretty good shape.

img_8702I spent some of the weekend catching up on the Downton series and knitting.  I also had a lot of walks with Scruffy and Molly.




Last year we had new French doors installed in our house.  We had our deck redone and decided to add new doors while we were at it.  I had always wanted the doors with the window blinds on the inside.  How cool would that be, right?  Maybe you have them and maybe you have never had a problem with them. I am happy for you. The doors were installed maybe in February last year 2019.  We didn’t get to add them as soon as we finished the deck because the wrong ones were ordered and the doors had to be sent back and more doors were ordered.  Anyway,  the doors were installed and I loved them.  No more cleaning blinds.

Well only after a month or two I noticed that the blinds inside the glass, on one of the doors,  was not sliding up and down as easily.  By October it was totally twisted and would not go up or down.  I innocently ask my husband how to get the glass off to get it untwisted.  “You don’t” he said, “we will have to get another insert for the door”. The doors have a ten year warranty.

  This is the twisted blind insert.  It is in the garage waiting for Mark to take it back to the Building Supply Store.  

Mark called the building supply place to let them know what happened.  They said we would have to call the supplier directly.  Mark called the supplier and the supplier said “that never happens”.   Mark is so much nicer than I am.  He told the man it had happened and we could send a picture of it if he would like.  The supplier pretty much blew Mark off and wasn’t interested in doing anything about it.  Again, I tell you he is much nicer than I am. After I made several threats that involved me calling the building supply salesman as well as the supplier and possibly a large amount of money for bail, Mark called the store again and told our salesman what the supplier had said.  He was furious!!!  He said “don’t worry I will call the supplier and take care of this”.   He did, and within a couple of weeks a new door insert arrived and was dropped off in our yard.  This was just after Christmas.

I’ll admit I am somewhat muscularly challenged so when I tell you it was difficult for Mark and I to get the insert into the house it is an understatement.  I asked when the deck builders would arrive to install the insert.  Mark said ” we don’t need them we can do it ourselves” These are words that instill fear in my very being.  The insert is actually the guts of the door.  It was heavy!!!  How are we going to put this in the door frame when we can barely lift it I ask my overly confident husband. “Oh it will be fine” he said “you’ll see it will only take a few minutes to pop the old one out and put the new one in.”

We didn’t want to break the new insert and we really didn’t have anywhere to put it so we just laid it on the rug in front of the French doors.  The other insert with the twisted blinds was still intact.  I would like to say we hopped on that project and got the door put in that very week.  Nope.  The door laid on the rug for several months.  Kitty Kitty quite enjoyed it.  The sun would shine in and warm the glass and she would lounge on it. We vacuumed and mopped around it.  It kind of became a part of the living room.

Since Mark and I have had more at home time together we (I) decided it was time to install the insert.  We carefully removed all the screws from the new door insert and got it ready to put in.  We then took all of the screws out of the old insert thinking once we took the frame from around it it would just pop out.  So we were standing by ready for it to come out and it didn’t. We wound up having to take these little razor blade things around the door frame to break the caulk seal.  Using the blades was scary considering I am clumsy, we are quarantined and the nearest hospital is approximately 40 minutes away.  Once that was done the insert came out pretty easy.  Again the insert was really heavy but we got the new one put inside the door and the frame put back around it and all of the screws back in and it only took two hours!!! HA HA.  But it is done and it looks great!!!  I am not sure how long this one will last but I am skeptical.  This one also has a ten year warranty and maybe the next one will only take a few minutes to install.

The finished project.  When we got the new one in I ask where we would put the old one until Mark could get it delivered back to the store.  He said ” well I guess we will just leave it here where we had the other one”.  NO!!!!  I ran to the garage to make room for the old one.  It is so wonderful to have my floor back and blinds I can raise up and down again.   I think Kitty Kitty misses  the insert on the floor but not me!!

So that is most of my weekend.  How was yours?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!




2 thoughts on “Weekends And A Project

  1. Lovely story Lisa. Downton Abbey is addictive, and I hope you enjoy it. The doors look wonderful, hats off to your husband for getting the new door and installing it with your assistance. Enjoy !

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