Work, Sleep, Repeat

Hello friends how are you?  I have been back at work now for a few weeks.  I feel that all I get done is working and sleeping.  I hate to say that I miss quarantine but man things were so much simpler then.  Don’t get me wrong I am glad to be back to work and doing things day to day that I have done all my life.  However, the quiet time that I spent in quarantine was not bad. I had a chance to recharge, reenergize, rediscover, etc. etc.  It was an easier way of life.

My work opened back up Saturday.  We had a soft opening with very few customers.  All of our employees are required to wear masks.  We have sanitizing stations throughout the property.  We have 4×8 feet panels of Lexan, it is better than Plexiglas,  between the registers and our customers. Only ten people per tour.  I guess this is our new normal for awhile.

I have had so many things to deal with at work,  when I get home I feel mentally unable to do anything but eat dinner and catch up for a minute with my husband, care for the fur babies and collapse on the couch or go straight to bed. Luckily this is all I have to do right now.

During the time I spent in quarantine I noticed that my stress level had gone down considerably. I mentioned that in a previous post. I decided then that when I did get back to work full time I was going to leave work at work. And that once I got home, home would be my sanctuary and a place to rest and relax. I have done pretty well. This helps me to recharge and be ready to start the next day.

Of course I always take time to stop along the road and take pictures. That will never change.

   This field is full of yellow wild flowers.  It makes the entire field look yellow.  I love it. 

      My daisies.  I love having them for as long as I can.  They last for only a short time. I have an entire field of them behind my house. 

  Fields of hay.  I love the look.  I can stare at these bales for hours. I am quite intrigued by them for some reason. 

     And now the honeysuckle are blooming. A sweet welcoming smell. 

I think that taking pictures is sort of an outlet for me.  No matter what is going on in this crazy world some things like nature and beauty never change.

A friend that I know from another attraction quite suddenly quit her job last week.  She had only been back to work for a week. She had been at this job for about fifteen years.   She said that being quarantined had made her realize how much her stress level had been reduced. She didn’t want to go back.  Man, that is pretty powerful.  I don’t think I have the courage nor the means to do that.  I am not sure about her financial situation but she is not near retirement age. Oh well!!  If it works for her it works.  I am happy for her and maybe a little jealous.  I always thought I wanted to work forever but after being at home for three weeks I am not so sure.  I love being out around people I always have, but there is something to be said about the solitude of being at home and nowhere to go.  Ahhhhh life where will you lead me?  I shall see.  It will be an adventure no matter what.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!


5 thoughts on “Work, Sleep, Repeat

  1. Dear Lisa, I love the views that you enjoy on your drive home from work. I think that is an excellent decision to leave work at work. Are used to ride a bike from work to home and that was my way to decompress. I wonder if there’s a symbolic way that you can set aside work before you go home like a pen that you take out of your pocket and you leave at work and you never take it home. Best wishes, David

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    1. The pen idea is interesting. I have to drive down a long driveway when I leave work and I like to think as I am driving down that I am leaving everything at work.

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  2. Taking pictures is a fantastic way to separate yourself from work. I’m glad you had that time to de-stress from work, and gain the perspective you needed to know when the job stresses you. And. . . I love cows. They’re my favorite farm animal. I think they are a perfect example of how we should live life – just mellow and following our instincts. 🐄

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