And Then Time Stopped.

Have you been tested for COVID-19?  The tests are free and they are done now quite frequently.  In the beginning you could only be tested if you had symptoms even if you had been directly exposed.  It could take days to get scheduled for a test and then up to a week to get the results.

With more and more tests becoming available all of that has changed, in our area anyway, I am assuming it is everywhere. People are encouraged to get tested before returning to work, if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive or had been around someone who has tested positive.

I spent a lot of time in quarantine.  I wear my mask.  I have been very very careful.  I haven’t been anywhere I haven’t had to be.  I haven’t been to a restaurant in over three months.  I just got take out for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  So I have felt fairly safe.  The virus was sort of a bad dream that was in the back of my mind. I knew it was real but I didn’t know anyone who had even tested positive. Sure I watched the news and saw and heard the horror stories but I also knew a lot was being told that might not be true.

And then last week I had to hit the brakes.  I received a text that someone I had been in contact, even though it probably wasn’t even within six feet, had been in contact with someone who had tested positive. I froze, what should I do?  Should I wait until they got tested and see if they were positive?  I called our local health department, I have a friend who works there and she said yes better to get tested and be safe,  and set up a time for a test that afternoon.  Luckily we had not opened back up at work at this time.

I went to the health department and joined the line of cars with people waiting to be tested.  It took about thirty minutes to get to the tent where the nurses were administering the tests.  It was really warm that day and they had on head to toe covering with a mask and a plastic shield over their faces.  I felt so much compassion for them.  They were hot.  It was dusty from all of the cars going through.  But the nurse doing the tests came bouncing out to the car and did my test quickly and with a kind word and such a great attitude.  I then went on my way.  They told me I should find out the next day but because it was a weekend it might take an extra day.  It did.

I went home and started to worry about my husband, who takes immunosuppressants.  I knew that I had been around him all week and if I tested positive then he probably would too. It almost seemed like time had stopped. I could barely think rationally.

I will say that even though I thought the odds were low that I would test positive I still had that worry in the back of my mind.   I tried to stay busy on Sunday to keep my mind off of it.  Early Monday morning the fear that I felt had escalated.  I was doing the what if? what if?  Just a couple of hours later  the health Department called and told me I was negative.  I couldn’t believe the relief that I felt.

I had to think about my friend Lori who works at our local hospital in the ER department.  She is on the front line and she has been tested a couple of times.  I know how she worries each time.  It doesn’t stop her from doing her job day after day.  These people amaze me and I am so very appreciative of them. Their fear is an everyday thing.

I guess there is nothing to say to tie this up in a neat bow. I am trying to say that the fear is real, the threat is still there.  It really hit home with me when I was tested.  And I expect, before this situation gets better, I may have to be tested again.

  The Day Lilies are blooming. New growth always makes me feel hopeful.

Please be safe.

Always remember,

Love your day your way (But be safe)


8 thoughts on “And Then Time Stopped.

  1. I am so very happy to hear that your test was negative. I am sure that the risk was quite low, and you were acting safely, but still scary. Many blessings and prayers to you for continued good health. 🙏💖💖

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    1. Thank you Lorrie. Yes in the back of my mind I knew the risk was very low but It was scary. ❤️💕🌸


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