A Startling Discovery

Last Sunday I was searching for some yarn.  A particular yarn that I wanted for a shawl pattern that I thought of during the night Saturday night.  How it came to me, maybe in a dream, I am not sure. Things often come into my mind at odd times.  I only knew that I wanted to knit this particular shawl with this particular pattern with this particular yarn.  Easy right?  Not so much for me.

I started my search for the yarn early Sunday morning.  I have a den upstairs where I keep most of my knitting and sewing supplies.  I looked through the closet in the den.  Well when I say I looked, I opened the closet doors and peered in.  I poked around a little to see if I could locate the balls of yarn I was looking for. Well actually I was hoping the yarn would mysteriously fall out of the closet and into my hands. No such luck.  Kitty Kitty had a wonderful time jumping into the closet and clambering over every basket of fabric and yarn and everything else that was in there.  I will admit the closet is pretty stuffed.  I am almost embarrassed to tell you how full it is.  It contains mostly “stuff” from projects that have been abandoned for one reason or another over the 20 years we have lived in this house.  Some of the things in the closet I had totally forgotten I had.

I decided there was no way the yarn was in that closet so I went to some other locations to look.  It still bothered me that I hadn’t gotten to the back of that closet.  To be honest I just wasn’t that brave.  I couldn’t find the yarn so I settled on some other yarn that I had. It wasn’t the yarn I wanted but the shawl was a particularly hard pattern and I would practice on the yarn I had. Yes that would work.

As I was knitting on the shawl I glanced around the room.  I also hoard books and fabric and yarn.  I have several collections, wooden spools and they are pretty large, my milk glass collection, my knitting needles, small butter plates, brass bells,  antique flower frogs, and lord lets don’t forget about the butter crocks.  And they take up a LOT of room.


I love milk glass and anything that resembles it.

    This is just a tiny portion of my yarn.  I could probably open my own store.

 And of course with yarn you must have the knitting needles.

      Love my books.  I have several cases like this.

  I have several of these thread spools.  Aren’t they cool?  I started collecting them several years ago.  I have them stacked like this in a couple of different places. 

  Antique flower frogs.  I don’t have a lot of these yet but I love them.

  I probably have about 25 of these crocks.  Some are old some are not.  I love them and I will continue to collect them.  I just can’t pass them up. 

If only I stuck with the collections and my hobbies that would be one thing.  But I tend to continue to bring things into the house and not take anything out. Hobby Lobby has nothing on my basement.   Every time my family needs something for decorating, wedding shower, baby shower, you name it, I have it.    All these years I have been harping on my husband for bringing things in and stacking them around the house but GASP!!!!  I may be worse!!!!  I AM WORSE!!!

I decided that I had to do something about this clutter.  I just can’t take it anymore!!!  I have way too many things that I continue to bring in and there is just a limit to how much one house can hold. Right?  I think I will pick three things I want to continue to collect and I will get rid of the others.  How will I pick? I am not sure but I will.  Yes I will!!!  YES I WILL!!!  Ohhhh look at that adorable flower frog on EBAY!!! I’m hopeless!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!



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