Making Fried Apple Pies

Happy Monday friends,

The weather here has been HOT!!! Temps have been in the upper 90’s with a heat index making it feel like it’s over 100 degrees!!!!

Oh what a perfect time for our air to go out. Yep, I came home from buying groceries on Saturday and heard Mark talking to someone on the phone. Turns out it was the man who services our heat and air unit. To tell you this man, Wayne, is wonderful would be such a gross understatement. And not just because he came out on a Saturday afternoon and serviced our unit but he has been there so many times for us, and for many of my family members.  First of all the unit was put in over 20 years ago when we built the house.  You know that most units these days don’t last that long. 

Wayne is not the type of repairman that will tell you that you need a new unit just so he can make some money. He is fair and honest. Anyway he had the air back on within two hours and I barely broke a sweat.

What does this have to do with making fried apple pies you may ask. Not really anything except if we hadn’t gotten the air back on I would not have been heating the stove for anything!!!

In all my days of cooking I have never made fried apple pies. WHAT??? I always wanted to try them. I don’t know if you follow Brenda Gantt on Facebook but she is a true southern cook from Alabama.  Check her out. I just love her.

So I went by Brenda’s recipe for the dough. All she uses is plain flour, buttermilk and solid crisco shortening, you know the white stuff in the tin can. My mama always had some when we were growing up.

Brenda doesn’t use much of a recipe so I watched her video on Facebook and went by that. Here is what I did:

I used 3 Granny Smith apples. I peeled them and  added about 3/4 of a cup of sugar, a half cup of water and sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the apples and cooked them down until they became soft and mushy and syrupy.  I used a heavy sauce pan. 

I put some plain flower in a mixing bowl and added 1/2 cup of the solid shortening and some buttermilk. I didn’t measure the buttermilk I just kept adding the buttermilk until I could form a small ball of dough. I then divided the dough into several pieces and sprinkled them with flower. I rolled them out, using a dough roller, in small circles about 4 inches in diameter.  The dough cannot be sticky.  Add a little flour to keep it from sticking. 

Once I had the circle I put a big tablespoon of the apples in the middle and patted one side of the circle with water. I then folded the top over. The water helps seal the dough. I took a fork and pinched the edges of the pie so that the filling wouldn’t come out. I had my large cast iron skillet heated with about 2-3 cups of Wesson Oil at 350 degrees. I took a spatula and lifted the pie up and into the oil. You have to let them cook for a few minutes until both sides turn brown.  I only cooked one at a time. After one side has cooked for a few minutes turn it over using two forks.  I will tell you that the first few I did turned out crunchy because I had my oil to hot.  But I had the hang of it after I had done a few.

I guess they turned out o.k.  Mark ate two of them.  One of them with Ice Cream. I was not too happy with the taste of the dough.  I know that Brenda uses plain flower and the buttermilk adds some flavor but I am going to research some more recipes until I feel it is tastier.  After the pies cooled I wrapped them in plastic wrap and that seemed to soften them and help the dough absorb the flavor of the apples.  I took some of them to work with me and they were eaten immediately.  So maybe they were o.k.  It’s hard to tell with the workers in the break room.  They will eat anything!!!!

   This is the pan I used for frying the apple pies.  My Lodge cast Iron cookware is now a favorite of mine.  
                      Granny Smith apples are wonderful for baking.

   I cooked the apples down until they were soft and I could mash them.  They were yummy and I actually saved some to eat later with biscuits.  

    You can see the first ones didn’t turn out really pretty. But I kept working on them.  

    This is what the pies looked like just before I put them in the hot oil.



   I sprinkled some of them with powdered sugar but the ones I wrapped in plastic I just left plain.  These are best for warming and adding whatever topping you want. 

So all in all I guess they were pretty good for a first time.  I do want to keep experimenting with the dough.  We shall see. 

Always remember 

Love your day your way!!!!


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