The Winter Light

A cold and cloudy day today. The temps will barely make it to 39 degrees F. We are actually having snow flurries right now. I am one of those odd people who loves winter. I like wearing warm snuggly clothes and snuggling with the fur babies when I get home in the evening. I don’t even mind that it is usually dark when I get home from work. There is just something so cozy about all of it. I love the winter light. It is so different this time of year. On a sunny day the shadows are more pronounced and the light of day just has a different tinge to it. On gray days, like it is today, the entire day looks like it is dusk and night will be falling soon. Maybe I am a vampire. I think I really like the slower pace of everything in the winter. You can’t do that much outside so it’s almost like you get to hibernate inside for awhile.

I love working on projects in the winter. I usually have two or three knitting projects going as well as a couple of different books I am reading. I often have a jigsaw puzzle out so that I can place a few pieces here and there when I get a chance. Kitty Kitty also loves the puzzles. She is fascinated by all the different pieces. I have been working on tapestry earrings and I love making them. I admit the first few pairs I made looked horrible. I may have acted like a big spoiled brat when I threw the first pairs in the floor proclaiming to my husband that I would never get the hang of making them. He reminded me that I had acted the same way when I was learning to knit socks. Patience is not one of my better traits. I will show you those tapestry earrings very soon.

Kitty Kitty is obsessed with all the puzzle pieces.
I just started a new pair of socks. I love the colors.

I love baking in the winter. I made a few loaves of sourdough bread last week and two loaves of banana nut bread. My nephew, Tyler, loves the sour dough bread and had been hinting that he wanted some so I had a good reason to make it. There is just something about baking in your warm kitchen, with the winter light shining through the windows, the warmth from the oven, and that wonderful aroma of baking bread, or whatever you have in the oven, that is just heavenly.

Banana nut bread
Just look at this beautiful yarn a good friend sent me for Christmas. I can’t wait to start knitting it.

Yes the colors are muted and gray and that is okay with me. Time to recharge and regenerate and get ready for the year. I think with all that is going on in our nation today it is good to be at home and get back to nature and nurturing and things that are comfortable for us.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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