Weekends and Clearing the Clutter

Happy Monday. I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning with an overwhelming urge to knit. It hits me like that sometimes. So I got up, got coffee and started a new scarf with some of my Christmas yarn. I like to knit scarves because they don’t usually require patterns or a lot of thinking. I can just knit away and it is so soothing. There is something about making a stitch over and over methodically that makes me happy and peaceful. Lord knows we can all use some peace in these crazy times.

Do you love the odd color of these knitting needles. They are really old. They are part of about 25 vintage sets I bought at a thrift store a couple of years ago. These are size 8. I cast on 20 stitches and am just doing a straight knitting stitch. This is called Garter Stitch. The yarn is just heavenly to work with. The weight is just right for a scarf and it just seems to knit itself.
The yarn is a light weight and you can see it is made of several different fibers. I think that is what makes it so nice to knit. I love the color.
I am also STILL working on this cross stitch for Valentines’s Day. I started this last year for Valentine’s Day and didn’t get very far with it. I picked it back up last month but I still have a long way to go. Maybe one of these years I will finish it. LOL

I had a good weekend. On Saturday morning I finally took all of my Christmas decorations down. I put my Santa collection away for the year. Of course as I was putting the things away in the basement I was reminded of how badly cluttered my basement is. Well it has been that way for a long time. It’s not like I just noticed it. It seems like through the years it has become a catchall for EVERYTHING!!! I have the back of my basement organized by holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving & Fall, Easter, Valentine’s, etc. So I started working on that. Two hours later I had five garbage bags, the big ones not those kitchen sized ones, full of junk ready to go to the dump. Since the convenience center closed at noon on Saturday I had to get going.

I took the garbage to the center on my way to buy groceries. I also had a few things to pick up for my mother in law so I did that and drove them over to her. I got back home and did a little more in the basement. I decided that the basement will be an overwhelming challenge and if I’m not careful that might cause me to procrastinate. I am going to try and work on it a few hours a week until I have it back in order.

The basement isn’t the only place I am trying to clear out. Clearing clutter is on the top of my list to do for this year. Every Wednesday for the past two weeks I have been taking two huge bags of clothes to a local area ministry. The first week you couldn’t even tell that any clothes had been taken out of the closet. That’s sad. The second week you could see a difference. So that is a bit of an accomplishment. I hate clutter it makes my brain hurt. I fell like clutter makes life unrestful.

Last week I lost my glasses. Well a pair of glasses I should say. But they were my all time favorites. I have several pairs of glasses because I like to switch them out and wear different ones. I am also very hard on glasses. I fall asleep in them, I drop them, I sit on them, I lose them. I usually order them from Zenni Optical and they are fairly inexpensive. But the glasses I lost were my favorite wire frames that I wear around the house all the time because they are so comfortable. And of course they were an expensive pair I had gotten from my eye doctor. I had been outside taking snow pictures and I had my cell phone in my pocket and my big camera in my hand. I was grabbing the cell phone out at times to take pics and I had my glasses in my pocket and well you can probably see where I am going with this.

After I got back to the house I missed my glasses and started looking for them. I need them for distance since I am nearsighted but I can still see pretty well without them. I looked all over the house. I went back outside and retraced my steps where I had been taking pictures. I even went through the garbage and no luck. I figured they would wind up somewhere strange one day when I least expected it. Well they did. Mark actually found them a couple of days later, on the road at the top of our driveway. The snow had melted so they were easier to see. It looked like they had been run over. At least I know what happened to them. I will quit looking for them everywhere.

I you haven’t ordered from Zenni you should try them. You can load a picture of yourself onto your computer or phone and then choose to try on as many glasses as you want. You will need your prescription and there will be step by step instructions on how to place the order and fill out the order form with the prescription. I have never been disappointed by them. It is a great way to get to switch out your glasses and try several different ones. I got both pairs for under $100.00. I don’t have bifocals but those are also an option. The cost may be a little more for those.

My Precious Boy

How was your weekend? Have a wonderful week.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

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