Goodbye January

Hello friends, how are you. How was your January? can you believe it’s February? I think I blinked and January was gone. You know that happens more and more the older you get. My parents used to tell me that and I just didn’t believe it until it started happening to me.

My work has been closed for the past week because we have been doing some renovations. I still had to go in to work but no customers to deal with except on the phone. Lots of hammering and sand blasting and cleaning. I mostly stayed in my office and did some catch up work that I normally don’t have time for.

I also had a couple of Zoom meetings with my Attractions group that I meet with several times a year. We haven’t actually gotten together in person in over a year. All of our meetings have been by zoom. Hopefully we will be able to have some in person meetings soon. I so miss seeing everyone.

It seems like January absolutely flew by. I am trying to remember everything I did in January. The weather was actually pretty good, no snow, just a little rain. But other than work and home I didn’t really do a lot. If you read my last post you know we spent a lot of time moving furniture around, HA! Check out the post if you get a chance.

I did read four books and most of them were good. If you are interested:

  1. Moral Compass by Danielle Steel. I don’t read a lot of Danielle Steel’s books. I find them to be a little too unbelievable but I do like to read one occasionally just to take my mind somewhere else. This one was a little darker than she usually writes. All in all it was pretty good.
  2. The year of less by Cait Flanders. I loved most of this book. The author got a little side tracked in the middle of the book but she did explain that it all pertained to why she was the person that she was. This book has been a big part of getting started with de cluttering my house.
  3. All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank, No, just no. I finally got through this book. I kept waiting for something to happen, it didn’t. Because I had invested a lot of time in it I hated to just put it down so I continued reading. It had a couple of cute things in it but no.
  4. Keep Moving by Dick Van Dyke. Yes Yes I loved this book. I watched an interview withDick Van Dyke and he was talking about his book, Keep Moving, and I just had to get it and read it. This man is 95 years old!!! He attributes his longevity to MOVING his body. He is an amazing person.

I have a few books set aside to read this month or whenever I get to them.

I did a lot of knitting and working on a Valentine’s cross stitch. It’s hearts and I actually started it last year. But I decided I love hearts so it doesn’t matter if I have it finished for Valentines Day or not I will probably keep it out all year anyway. I love hearts, heart earrings, necklaces, pillows, you name it I love them. They’re happy.

I have also taken about a million pictures. I stop on the road and take pictures, I take pictures of the babies and just about anything else you can imagine.

Working on my Valentine’s Cross Stitch with Scruffy by my side.
We had a little snow Sunday night it was very pretty but not a lot of it.
Snow on the mountains. Look at the white caps!!!

I guess one of the things I did in January that I hope to continue the entire year is decluttering my house. Every week I take several bags and boxes full of “stuff” that I have cleared out of my house. Clothes, household items, books etc etc. It makes me feel so good to get rid of clutter. Clear the clutter and clear your mind. I have become very mindful of what I am bringing into my house. Unless it is an absolute necessity I don’t bring it in. This saves both space and money. I know you are going to laugh at this statement if you have read the blog about all the tables. HA!!! But we did give our old TV, that I mentioned in my last blog post, to my sister and we donated the other tables. I think that is a fair exchange.

We are staying in a lot. Only going out for groceries, and to work and I go to Sister Lunch once a week. So I guess a rather uneventful January but a great month over all. Just the kind of month I love.

How was your January?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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