One Thing Leads to Another (Table)

It all started before Christmas. I was thinking ahhhh this story is similar to The Gift Of The Magi. Yeah, right, if that story was twisted and smoking crack maybe.

It all started when my husband told me he wanted a 3D printer for Christmas. I asked where we were going to put it and more importantly what about the one he already had in the basement that has barely been used. He said this one was new and improved and we would give the one in the basement to my nephew.

I ordered the printer. He told me he already had my Christmas gift but it was on back order. The 3D printer came in and it was delivered to my work place. I could barely get it into my car, well it actually took a couple of people to wrestle it into my car. I could not lift it. I started worrying about the rather small table in our office that it was supposed to fit on. My nephew had to follow me home and help me get it into the house and wrapped for Christmas. After opening it on Christmas morning my husband said it would never fit the table in our office so table one was ordered.

A few days later my Christmas gift arrived. It was a TV for my den I have upstairs. When we started to put the TV on the table where the old one was the table was too small. So table two was ordered.

Since I now had a new Smart TV upstairs we decided to cancel our Direct TV account, which had gotten ridiculously expensive, and get HULU and Netflix. By doing this we cut our Internet TV bill in half. We couldn’t do this until before because we didn’t have high speed internet. We recently got fiber optic cable installed in our area and now we can stream HULU. We ordered HULU and I was in heaven with my TV upstairs. The only problem was our downstairs TV where my husband watches TV was so old it didn’t do very well with the streaming and kept freezing so bad we couldn’t watch it. A new TV was ordered.

The table for the 3D printer arrived and it was quite large. When Mark put it together and put it in the office there was not enough room for it and our old desk. Table three, a smaller desk, was ordered. It arrived and it is still in the box in our office at home. I’m not sure if this one will be big enough because I was actually able to lift the box.

The new TV came in. Once again it was delivered to my work and it was wrestled in by two men in an Amazon fulfillment truck. Again I had to have a couple of people load it into my car. I took it home. We got it partially set up and realized the positioning of the legs on the base were different. You guessed it. It didn’t fit the table that we were using. Table four was ordered. Luckily it came in within just a few days and it has been put in place and fits wonderfully.

So. Things I have learned from this costly experience.
1. Use a tape measure and measure before buying.
2. Tell my husband I have already bought him a Christmas present.
3. Next year tell my husband I want a pair of earrings for Christmas.
4. I need to work out. I need more upper body strength.
5. Possibly get a second job before Christmas next year to offset any additional costs.

See? Gift of The Magi, sort of. Maybe I could sell my hair next year, hmmmmmm.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!! (and always use a tape measure)

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