A Weekend Estate Sale

Last weekend I went to an estate sale in town. Several times a year there is a company that moves items from an estate and they sell them over the course of several days. I have probably mentioned it before. I go every time there is a sale. I don’t always buy a lot but I like to see all the different items.

A sale like that gives you a glimpse into the lives that the owners had. Their hobbies, style, memories. It sometimes makes me a little sad that they didn’t have someone to leave these things to. Or maybe they did and these are the things that were left that no one wanted. I see so many quilts and cross stitch pieces that I know so much time has gone into. I feel the need to rescue them. I don’t, always. I know that if that person who made it was like me the joy came from actually making the piece and admiring it or sharing it with someone at the time. I always come away from these sales feeling like I know the family.

So anyway I went to the sale on Saturday. The sale always starts on Thursday. On Thursday morning at 9:00 AM people are lined up to get in. Everything is full price on Thursday. On Friday everything is reduced to 25% off. On Saturday everything is 50% off. On Sunday and sometimes Monday everything is 50-75 % off except for items the family has a firm price on. I usually go on Saturday because that is when I have the most time to look. I sometimes go back on Sunday or Monday to see if anything is left that I might want and get it for a really good price.

On Saturday I went to the sale and got there around 10:00 AM I saw a few interesting things. The person who had these items loved to paint. And not just your usual flowers or scenery but some really funky colors in an abstract sort of way.

Just look at these colors is that not cool?
This old farm table sold almost immediately.
I loved this old clock but we have an old kitchen clock and barely know where to keep it.
I loved this tray but I have several and no where to put them as it is.
Hand carved animal. Someone liked to carve wood.
O.K. This painting I almost brought home. It is called Hippie Bus. Look at the colors. But I just couldn’t. I had no idea where it was going and until I finish the total decluttering of my basement I am not bringing anything like this back in. I hope it finds a good home. I showed this picture to my husband and he just shook his head no. He did not feel the same way about it. I think it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
Creepy Dolls!!!
I so loved this bench. And it looked great but it was almost falling apart.
I guess that’s why it was still there on Saturday. I passed on it.
More creepy dolls!!!!
I loved this oil painting but it was really not for me.
The Halloween costumes and figurines were really old. This family must have loved Halloween.
Old luggage set. Loved them but I couldn’t really use them. I especially loved this color.
I did purchase this cake stand it was only $6.00 after being $12.00 and the 50% off. I love the really thin top.
I got six of these Early American Life magazines that have some fantastic articles in them. I got each one for .50 and I will pass them on to my sister when I am finished.
But my absolute best find was this Margaret Smith Purse, the tag had Gardiner, Maine on the inside and it was brand new. It still had the plastic on the handles. I looked it up on EBAY and another one just like it was listed for $45.00. I got this one for $2.50 after the 50% of the $5.00 price tag. SCORE!!! I love it!!!! I will probably use it to carry knitting projects like socks or mittens.

Only three items purchased. I know exactly where I will put them and what I will use them for so I don’t feel too bad about bringing them into the house.

Do you like estate sales?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!

5 thoughts on “A Weekend Estate Sale

    1. Nancy the sale is held at the old Hall’s Florist shop across from McDonald’s in Madisonville. Several times a year they (Arp’s Treasures) are commissioned to hold these sales from people’s estates. This particular sale came from McMinn county. They have them several times a year and Mr. Arp told me the next one will probably be in Early March. I always go to them. I will try to think to put it on FB next time. I love going to them.


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