Happy Birthday To My Blog

Can you believe that Southern Patches is three years old!!! I am so happy that three years ago I had the courage to hit publish and launch my very first blog post.

I remember how nervous I was doing the first few posts. But it didn’t take me long to really start to love blogging.

I know that with YouTube and vlogging, blogging is not as popular as it used to be but I still love it and hope to continue for a long time.

I cringe sometimes when I look back at my first posts but that’s what it takes to learn. You just have to jump in there and do it and know it will get better.

I have published 213 blog posts over the last three years. This is a wonderful way to document day to day happenings in your life. I also like to take lots of pictures so this is a great way to store lots of my pictures.

I have met some wonderful people through this blog. People from different states and even different countries that I feel like are old and dear friends. I may have never met them if it hadn’t been for my blog.

If you are unsure about starting a blog I would definitely encourage you. I have had so much fun these last 3 years. I have learned so much about blogging and writing.

I picked out a few of my favorite posts and some of the posts that got the best response from readers. If you haven’t read them you might want to go back and check them out.

  1. Saying Goodbye to my brother Allen. Published 2-19-2018
  2. Making Fried Apple Pies Published 7-20-2020
  3. Sister Lunch. Published 8-14-2019
  4. It’s Blackberry Winter Published 5-6-2020
  5. In The Days Of COVID. Published 1-24-2021
  6. Strawberry Moon. Published 6-6-2020
  7. Fireflies In The Great Smoky Mountains Published 6-12-2020
  8. A Week In Chattanooga Published 10-9-2019
  9. Biltmore Estate At Christmas Published 12-13-2019
  10. Mainly In Maine Published 10-17-2018

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Does it make a difference in your life? Probably not but if I can share something that helps you along the way, makes you laugh, or share a recipe or experience that you like, that makes me so happy.

And always remember

Love your day your way

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