Happy Saturday friends. What a great day it has been. The sun is shining and it has been about 85 degrees F most of the day with sun sun and more sun.

I started the day frying bacon. We don’t eat it a lot but sometimes when Mark and I are off on the same days I will cook up a bit. I love frying bacon in my flat cast iron skillet it is just the best.

After breakfast we had a lot of plans for the day. I wanted to clean our little office that we use and move some things to the basement. I know how quickly a day off can go sideways with not a lot of things done. That is o.k sometimes but I want the office back in use. Remember when we were buying all the tables and desks and T.V. stands a few months ago? well if you don’t remember, and you want to, you can catch up here So during this time we added a couple of tables for the office. One of the tables has remained in the middle of the office and we have to move our file cabinet out before we can place it. So for about two months the table has been in the middle of the room very much in the way. It is totally messing with my Feng shui.

I decided today was the day we were going to get that organized. And guess what We DID!!!! I also scrubbed the deck and the stairs on the deck they were covered with pollen. The pollen this year has been worse than I ever seen it. The lake a couple of mornings ago looked totally yellow.

Look at this pollen can you believe it???

After we got the file cabinet moved to the basement, where it took an unbelievable amount of time trying to decide where to put it because there was no space, I realized just how badly I had failed on my clearing the clutter project. I started off great in the early spring. I was taking at least one bag or box of items to the Goodwill every week and at least that much to the landfill. I don’t know what happened but I just stopped. But seeing that clutter in the basement today made me want to get back to it even more. We started today by loading the truck with several items that needed to be hauled to the landfill on Monday. Wow, I feel lighter already.

We walked the babies and I did a little crocheting and reading. It was just a great day overall. Very busy but productive and happy.

I don’t crochet a lot but I am working on a special project right now. I always forget how much I enjoy crocheting.
This book is the best!!! The movie based on this book is called 5 Flights Up and stars Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton. It is about an older couple who live in Brooklyn in a 5 story walk up. They are trying to decide on selling their condo and moving somewhere with an elevator which will make it easier for them. But the only problem is they love where they live and they don’t want to move. This is a great book and a great movie. Read it watch it you won’t be disappointed.
And the honeysuckle are blooming and they smell amazing.

So just a wonderful Saturday at home spent with hubs and the fur babies and getting a lot of much needed things taken care of. But also having some fun time just enjoying the little things in life. How was your Saturday?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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