And So It Goes

What a week, well actually the last two weeks have been a little crazy. My sister and her husband celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last week and as our family always does, we had to have a celebration. After a lot of thought we decided that we would have this celebration at my house. Our family has not had a chance to get together as a group in about a year and a half. We were so excited. I had to plan for about twenty people.

Of course you know me and how my crazy perfectionistic tendencies take over. My husband wasn’t too happy when I informed him, with just two weeks notice, that we were going to have to paint the entire inside of the house, put down new hardwood floors, hang new kitchen cabinets, get new kitchen appliances, resow the bad spots in the grass and re-brick the entire house. He just looked at me like he always does when he thinks I’ve totally lost my mind. So we did do a lot of work both inside and outside of the house, but ahhhmmmm none of the afore mentioned things. That’s just dreaming I guess for a two week time period. I have always said you should have company every week. That way you would be sure to keep your house clean all the time. What always seems like such an undertaking always gets done and it is fine. Whenever I have a million things to do and I don’t think I will ever get done, I think of this quote by Nelson Mandela: It always seems impossible until it is done. I love this quote and whenever I think something is undoableI I always think of it.

After all the cooking and cleaning it all came together and it was such a fun time. We talked and laughed and ate and just had a great time enjoying each others company. I decided to make a wedding cake for the celebration. I wasn’t sure if I would remember how. I use a floating cake stand so that you don’t have to use dowel rods. This makes the cake look really impressive and it’s not quite as much trouble. It was three layers and I got up at 4:00 AM on Sunday morning to put the icing on the cake. My sister loves the basket weave design so that is what I did. This design takes a minute or two to do but the results are so worth it. I ordered a cake topper from our Glass Blower at work and he did an excellent job with it. I will have a full post on the wedding cake in a few days. They are really a lot of fun to put together and so satisfying when they are done.

I did get two chairs painted. My friend Lorie gave me these chairs for a birthday gift about two years ago. We were going to have a girls’ night painting and wine party but one thing led to another and we didn’t get to have our night. I wanted to have the chairs to use at the Anniversary celebration. I had been keeping them in the basement and I carried them to the garage the week before the party and painted them. I love the way they turned out. They go perfect with my deck.

There were two chairs just like this.
This is what they looked like after a couple of coats of black paint and two new cushions.
The cake topper. Isn’t it beautiful?
The Lovebirds. Wow fifty years. They were made for each other.
Just having fun and hanging out.

I just have to tell you this. I really pulled a boo boo on Sunday just before all of my family started to arrive. I ordered a couple of trays from the Walmart deli to supplement the food. We have a large family and we like to eat. I ran down to the Walmart on Sunday around noon to pick up the trays. I went in and got the trays and some other items I needed and took my cart, I am only saying cart for the readers who may not know what a buggy is, outside and unloaded everything into the trunk of the car. I got in and no sooner than I pulled out of the lot I realized I had forgotten ice. I decided to stop at a little market on my road home to pick it up. It was like within five minutes of Walmart. When I stopped to get the ice I reached over to get my wallet out of my purse and NO PURSE!!! I was thinking well I must have put it in the trunk with the other groceries. I ran around and opened the trunk and NO PURSE!!! Full blown panic hit me when I realized I had left my purse in the cart in the Walmart parking lot. I jumped in the car and tore off back to the Walmart. I careened into the parking lot on two wheels and got to the cart carousel thingy and there was my purse sitting in the cart just where I had left it. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would at least have to go inside to customer service on the chance that someone may have turned it in. The good Lord was watching out for me that day. I quickly went through my purse and everything was there. I was weak with relief. I know how bad this outcome could have been.

What have you been up to?

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!

2 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to remodel, but I can tell you it’s an enormous amount of work and best saved for when the hubs is ready. LOL I love those chairs!


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