The Dog Days of Summer

Hello friends and happy Friday? Wow, end of the week and end of July. I got up at 5:00 AM to do some work I brought home with me last night and to try and put together this post.

I missed my Wordless Wednesday post because I have just been too busy to put pictures or anything together. Do you ever feel that way? I hate to think I am just passing from work to home to work again but that is the way it is for me in July. July is almost over and I will be relieved because our work load slows somewhat. Although, I am curious to see if that will happen this year. It’s a strange year again and hard to know what will happen with travel, the economy, and so on and so on.

A lot of things have been going on the last couple of weeks other than work. We had the Anniversary party for my sister and her husband, I had a dermatology appointment. I had a suspicious mole on my back. My regular doctor wanted me to have it checked out so I did. It was nothing. Just a spot that can be caused by heredity, age, it seems like I am hearing that one more and more HA!!, and a couple of other things that are nothing really.

We had a four month check up for Mark at Vanderbilt on Tuesday he got a great report. The trip to Nashville and back in one day is exhausting. We had to deal with fog in the early morning and traffic and interstate road work on the way back. About nine hours on the road, roundtrip, with all the delays and traffic.

I think I mentioned a couple of posts back that our Molly girl is really starting to show her age. A week or so ago she would not eat, she would not go on our walks with us, she seemed to be out of it. We took her to the vet and the vet suspects a tumor on her liver because her liver enzymes were crazy weird. This is causing her some issues with not wanting to eat. She has lost about ten pounds in two or three months. We were sent home with a bag of meds. The vet also mentioned that we could do ex-rays to determine if there was a tumor and then refer us to a doctor who could do surgery. Our girl is 13 plus years old, that is what we know for sure, because she came to us as a stray we are really not sure of her exact age. I don’t think that we will bother with ex-rays because if she did have a tumor putting her to sleep to do the surgery would be very risky.

Our precious Molly.

We started her on the meds a little over a week ago and she is doing much better. Her appetite has increased although we still have to do a lot of coaxing, babying and pleading to get her to eat. She can only eat soft foods because of her lack of teeth. The vet told us to feed her high protein food, mainly cooked by me, because she is anemic. I didn’t want to tell her that I barely cook for us so this would definitely be a change. I told Mark the babies’ food has started to cost more than ours. Not to mention the prep time. Oh what we do for our babies. We also have a schedule for the meds and for her feedings so this has to be done at regular times to keep her tummy happy.

She has definitely shown improvement she is walking more and seems to be stronger. She has arthritis in her back legs so she has an awkward gait and a hard time squatting.

Molly has been going on the walks with us. She does walk a little slower but she’s determined.
I finally finished the afghan for my friends’ birthday. She loves red so I picked this yarn with a few different shades of red.
It has been really hot here with lots of rain. The sun and rain make lots of beautiful flowers. Look at these beautiful Crepe Myrtle. I love this color.
I am in love with sunflowers. Look at this field I pass on my way to work and back every day. They’re starting to dry up but I have enjoyed them for about two weeks. The picture on top is a pot of sunflowers I bought in town at a vegetable stand. I am going to plant them so I will have my own sunflowers next year..
Turkey crossing. I never know what I will find on my road.

Thank you for being with me even during these dry periods of my blogging. I will hopefully be back to a more consistent blogging schedule next week.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!!

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