Another Lazy Weekend

Hello friends and happy Monday. It is cool and rainy here today but the weekend felt like spring it was so warm. But just hang around because tomorrow it is supposed to be only 46 degrees F for the day’s high. That is the wacky weather we have here in East Tennessee.

It was a rather quiet weekend here. I did the grocery thing on Saturday and went to one of my favorite thrift stores. I didn’t really find a lot at the thrift store but I did find this unusual bouquet of colorful thingies. That is the only way I know how to describe it. But isn’t it pretty. I think it looks so festive for the holidays so out of control and pretty. I don’t think my husband agrees but that is ok. I’m wondering if I might not be able to use it for my Christmas Tree topper. I am still on the hunt for the topper for this year. I wanted a moon but couldn’t find the right one. A girl at Walmart suggested a hat. Not like frosty the snowman’s hat but a real hat hmmmm, that had me thinking of course.

Isn’t it gorgeous

I didn’t get all the things done this weekend that I wanted to. It was a pretty big list that I had going. I did buy groceries and get all the laundry done, I had to give flea meds to eight babies, and add a few decorations to the house. I also took all the pumpkins off of my front porch from Halloween or Thanksgiving, yes Thanksgiving sounds better. I took the pumpkins out in the yard and hacked them up. Pumpkin innards can be quite a treat for forest animal. Pumpkin is also a natural worming agent for forest animals. You can also plant the seeds and or use the pumpkin in your compost heap. The kitties were very curious about the pumpkins. They all gathered around and watched me dissect them and throw them into the woods. They weren’t as curious after they discovered the taste was terrible. I also finished knitting some hats I have been working on. I have an idea for all the hats or toboggans I am turning out but more on that later. I am also continuing to work on the afghan for my nephew for Christmas. I am thinking if I get one finished I will give the other nephew a promise note to deliver it as soon as I am finished. I will show you a picture this weekend. Maybe by then I will have made a little progress. We shall see.

Smashing pumpkins. It’s very satisfying.
Three of these finished and another one started.

We bought a heated kitty house for the babies. Well we actually bought two. They were about $80.00 each and when they arrived I was very disappointed. They actually zipped together with a heating pad inside, which we could have put together so much easier and cheaper. We will keep the one we put together but I am sending the other one back. It is just not worth the amount of money we paid for it. Very disappointing.

I cooked dinner both Saturday and Sunday. Mark was off this weekend. When he is home I try to cook and not have to get take out which we are both sick of.

On Sunday it rained and it was quite cozy and warm in the house. The kitties were all in the garage snuggled up but not in the new kitty house. They love being together on this old bed.

I love the way Milo has his leg slung over Sadie as if he is protecting her.
And these two just minutes earlier had been fighting over this blanket.

Last week I had the opportunity to teach a precious lady how to knit. She had had one lesson from someone else but was still confused. She got my name from my niece and we got together last week to work on her knitting. She is just such a sweet woman and I had so much fun showing her some stitches and helping her with her scarf she was making. We plan to get together again as she progresses. Today I received a hand written thank you card from her. Wow!! I didn’t even know people did that anymore. It’s little things like that that I absolutely love and miss in this day of snapping and texting and face timing.

How was your weekend? I am off to bed because me and my sister Sandy have a big shopping trip planned tomorrow. We are headed to Pigeon Forge to the outlet stores and a few other places. I have to be well rested for that. Have a great week!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

4 thoughts on “Another Lazy Weekend

  1. I could create a good comic book just using the pics of your fur family. LOL. Square 1: Shady Sadie says “he’s touching me”. Square 2: Sadie pierces Milo’s ear with one single claw. Square 3: the middle kitty says “I might not have had something to do with that”. Square 4: middle kitty now has pierced ears.
    And the two on the blanket look like they just got an ass-chewing from Mom. Yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes they all get along pretty well. I love to watch all the kitties play together. They are hilarious!!!


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