It’s Christmas Time!!!

Hello friends and Merry Christmas Eve. I can’t believe Christmas is here. I don’t think I have ever felt less Christmasy in my life. I haven’t posted in a bit. Things here have been busy and sad. That’s a bit of a strange combination isn’t it? But I guess that’s how life can be sometimes.

Two weeks ago we lost one of our young employees in a horrific car crash. Matthew was only 18 years old and just the sweetest, caring person you could ever hope to meet. It has left our work family shaken. And as it always does when such a young person dies it makes you question. Looking around at the funeral at the absolutely packed church I had to smile with pride for this young man. At such a very young age he touched so many lives. He was an awesome amazing person and we will never forget him, And that is all I am going to say about Matthew.

It is hard to believe the end of the year is coming, where has the year gone? I was looking back at some pictures the other day and they were taken in March!!! It seems like it was yesterday.

The last two weeks have been absolutely jam packed. My sister and I managed a trip to Sevierville, TN to the Tanger Outlet Mall for some Christmas shopping. We also had our work Christmas party in Knoxville, I posted a lot of pics of that on the last Wordless Wednesday that I did. I hosted twenty of my family members at my house on Sunday for our annual Christmas get together. We had a ton of food and did the dirty Santa exchange. It was a lot of fun but a lot of stress getting the house the way I wanted it. You know how that goes. My husband always threatens to boycott any other get togethers at our house because he says I get manic with it. I know he doesn’t meant it. My friend and co-worker celebrated her birthday with a fun birthday party Tuesday night, add in lots of Christmas shopping and work work work. Wow!!! I am ready for some down time.

My signature peanut butter balls. I make them every year. I made about 150 Saturday night. I am always expected to bring these to our get togethers at Christmas time.

The hubs has to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. It sometimes works out that way and we are used to it. I was off today and I decided to clean my house this morning. I started at 6:30 AM and got most of the upstairs cleaned. You see I have a reason for this, I plan to do absolutely nothing tomorrow but binge watch some t.v shows and stay in my pajamas all day. If the house is clean then I can feel better about it all the way around.

My sister had a Christmas get together tonight with just her two children and their families. They invited me over so I went and it was a lot of fun. Before going to her house I went to visit my mother in law at the village and spent a couple of hours with her. I took her the Christmas presents we had gotten for her. We had a fun time. I ate lunch with her and we gave out presents to the staff at the village. I then went to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents, Mark’s dad’s, Mark’s grandparents, and my brother’s graves for Christmas. And then home to take care of all the babies and just collapse. What a full and fun day.

So as you can see a very busy two weeks and a lot of fun with a lingering sadness for our friend Matthew that will not go away for a very long time.

Our glassblower at work made me these two turtle doves. I added them to my bird tree. Where I keep all of my bird ornaments that I collect.
We have had some very foggy mornings here. The temps have been very nice. I sort of wish it was colder it would feel more like Christmas.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and fun filled Christmas!!!! Love each other and cherish your love for one another.

Never forget the reason for this season is Jesus Christ always and forever in our hearts.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time!!!

  1. Thank you Lisa. How sad for the work family and his natural family that Matthew is gone. How wonderful that he touched so many lives and inspired them by his life.
    The peanut butter treats look yummy – how cruel that I can’t reach in and get one – I thought Windows 11 would have that option.
    I hope 2022 for you will be one like those doves – Magical. – Be safe, David

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