An Extra Day Off

Happy Tuesday. It was back to work for me yesterday. I had been off for three days and to be honest, with Christmas over I was ready to get back in the swing of things. I don’t know how you are but after Christmas Day I am done with the holidays. My husband is not like that. He believes in continuing to celebrate the week between Christmas and New Year. Not me. I do leave all the decorations up just for him although I am the one who takes all of them down anyway.

But today, Tuesday I had an extra wonderful day off. It only took one day back at work, and we were slammed, to look forward to this extra little decadent day. I actually had a vacation day to use before the end of the year so I picked today. But it was wonderful!!! I woke up thinking I had work and then remembering I was off today I settled back in the bed for a few more minutes of sleep. It was so nice. I got up and had coffee and read some blogs and just enjoyed being at home and not having anywhere to go.

Mark was off today too. He has been on the verge of being sick for about three weeks. He has coughed and felt bad and just when he thinks he is getting better he feels worse again. I talked him, finally, into going to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully we will find out what is going on.

I did get up early and take care of the babies. I loaded garbage and went to the landfill. It was a good thing I did. They were almost full for the day at only 9:30 AM. I guess everyone getting rid of their Christmas wrappings. I wouldn’t let hubs do anything today. I feel like he needs to get well and get lots of rest. Because of the immunosuppressants he takes it takes him twice as long to get over anything than it does most people. I knitted, cooked dinner, took the babies for a long walk, and we watched a movie, Don’t look up, It was pretty good. A good day. I just can’t wait until Mark gets to the doctor and he can find out what is going on. Maybe get some meds. It is always scary with him he is very finely balanced with his kidney and all the meds he already takes.

Some boat action on the lake today before the rain moved in. I have no idea who this is. It looks like he is zooming through the clouds. I just had to sit out on the deck and enjoy the warm weather. It was almost 70 degrees F today!!!! What????
The kitties have discovered the deck. Mama cat has been hanging out on the deck for awhile but only in the last day or two the babies have joined us. But not Izzy for some reason she prefers staying around the garage. They are so funny with their own little personalities.
Buster, Sadie and Milo.
Precious Milo, He loves being outside on the deck with me. Isn’t he beautiful?
Mama cat, Allie, and her son Buster they are the best of friends. Where you see one you will see the other. They always go on our daily walks with us. If for some reason Allie cat doesn’t go then neither does Buster.
Look how warm it is here today. I need some cold weather to make it feel like winter.
A small snack today while working on the blog.
Look how dark it is. This was this afternoon when we went on our walk. It rained before and after this. Then the sun came out. I kept looking for a rainbow but I didn’t see one.


So how is your week going? Do you take down your Christmas decorations right after Christmas or do you leave them until the New Year?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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