A Shiny New Week!!!!

Sunday and we are well into this shiny new year. How was your week?

We had snow twice this week. Well sort of. That is really unusual for us here in East Tennessee. Also unusual because last Saturday it was 78 degrees F and Wednesday the high was only 22 degrees. This weather is crazy!!

Monday night I went to bed and it was raining and by Tuesday morning when I got up we had gotten several inches of snow. It was the best kind too. The heavy wet snow that sticks to all the trees but not the roads. Even my driveway was ok.

That creepy figure in the upstairs window is Santa. We still have him up lol.
See the donkey?
My Driveway. No snow on the driveway.

I think the early morning light gives everything a beautiful blue color.

So into the week wide open. Work has slowed considerably so a good time to catch up on paperwork and things like that without any interruptions.

I had lunch with the sisters on Wednesday. On Thursday we had another “snow event”. Supposedly the snow was going to start in our area around 2:00 PM. and come in really fast. We kept a close eye on it at work. We even closed a couple of hours early as did other businesses in town. All we had was rain and a little sleet. The snow totally missed our area this time and I am ok with that.

Saturday I finally took down all the Christmas decorations, went to visit my MIL in the assisted living village and then took a little trip to Hobby Lobby. I was in the mood to buy a few Valentines decorations and of course some yarn. I then bought groceries, went home and walked and fed the babies.

Christmas decorations waiting to be wrapped and put up.
My Snow Babies.
The snow babies are ornaments I have had for more than twenty years. They are special to me because I bought them at a little shop in town when I was with my mama. We just fell in love with them. I put them on my tree every year it always reminds me of her and our day together.
My yarn haul from Hobby Lobby
On our walk Saturday before all the rain started.
Mama kitty.

Today was a rainy day, all day. I watched the movie Lost Daughter on Netflix and it was really good but a little strange. Definitely worth watching I think. I knitted a lot and watched our Molly girl. As you know she is very old and having issues. Today was a challenge so I felt like I was lurking over her every few seconds keeping a watchful eye on her.

How was your week?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

6 thoughts on “A Shiny New Week!!!!

    1. I was thinking about you during this snowfall. You said you had had some frost. I wouldn’t miss it either.


  1. Hello, Lisa, what beautiful photos! Makes me miss my hometown in the northeast. It would look like your photos every winter when I was growing up. Pretty kitties, too. I know how you feel about Molly. I was like that with Max … reminds me of the Police song, Every Breath You Take … “every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.”


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