Time, A New Year A New Word

A funny thing happened to me this morning, I found myself running early, ahead of time. If you know me, I am always ten minutes late or just barely arriving on time. I hate this habit and it is one I have really been working on. So I noticed this morning I had some extra time. I guess it could be because I didn’t lay in bed an extra 20 minutes or it could be that Molly and Scruffy got it in gear and took their morning bathroom breaks together, or I didn’t fall back asleep after drinking my coffee. Whatever, I found myself with extra time. How wonderful . I noticed this made for a much more enjoyable morning with the babies. Feeding them watching them play, giving six of them their flea meds. You get the picture. But the thing was I wasn’t frantically doing all of this because I was running behind. I had some time.

I don’t do New Years resolutions anymore. I just find that way too stressful. But I do like to pick a word every year and focus on it. Last year my word was “present” I wanted to make sure that I was present and “in the moment” with everything going on in my life. I think many times we get so busy and caught up with day to day that we forget to actually experience what is going on or how we feel while it is happening. And you do know that hours, days, months and years can quickly slide by if you are not careful.

I think I have always taken advantage of time and I never fully respected or appreciated it. My expectations of what I can do in a limited amount of time are just crazy. I try to cram an hours worth of work into thirty minutes and then I am blown away by surprise when I can’t get everything done. I then tend to blame myself for not being faster and more organized when in fact it would be impossible to fit all those things into such a small amount of time.

I used to work with a man who was always fifteen to thirty minutes early for work. I was quite impressed. I asked one day just how he did it. He said “ I get ready for work and then have nothing to do so I sit and wait at my house until it is time to come to work” I could picture him sitting there, on his couch or a chair, all ready for work. Well friends I am not that person. And if I did get ready early I would go on to work or I would be deep into another project or something around the house that would probably put me behind again. But just sitting and waiting I am not good with. So I will never be quite like that.

So this morning as I slowed down and actually got to spend some time chatting with my husband and noticing just how unbelievably soft Milo’s fluffy fur was and how smooth my coffee tasted and how bad Scruffy needed a bath, can’t promise it’s all good, I realized I didn’t feel that frantic, getting out the door to work, feeling that I often get. And it felt great!!! It felt more relaxed and I am sure it probably helped my blood pressure. My husband has often compared me to a tornado ripping through the house getting ready for work. And that is because I am usually running behind. Out of time.

Time flies, It’s about time, Time is money, Time waits for no one, and on and on.

You have probably guessed that my word this year is “Time” and by that I mean I will give myself more of it to get things done. I think by giving yourself time to experience the things in your life that truly make you happy is time well spent.

This is an old Kitchen Clock that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It keeps perfect time.

Happy New Year!!! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? how is your new year going?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

2 thoughts on “Time, A New Year A New Word

  1. This year our families word will be Courage. I try to do the goals for the New Years but it always gets pushed back to the back burner and never accomplished. Now I just say I want to get this goal done but never put any dates or deadlines on them. I just try to do them. Have a Happy New Year and I like your word for the year.

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