Weekly Happenings

I think that there is nothing that makes you realize your own mortality then the death of a sibling. I have lost three other siblings before my sister Pat passed away last month. But something about her death has hit me harder and made me take a long hard look at my own life and health. I guess it’s because I am older now. I have really been trying to clean up a lot of unhealthy habits in my life. With my weight being the main issue, as far as I know anyway, I have been working really hard on eating better and moving my body more. I am down about seven pounds so far and hope by this time next month it will be even more. I am not doing anything radical or taking diet pills or drinking shakes or anything like that. Just better eating and exercise that is what will have to do it for me. I have always been one to eat my feelings instead of feeling them. By numbing myself it is easier to avoid feeling bad. Well that is until all your clothes don’t fit and you can’t walk a short distance without being out of breath. There is a lot of life to live and I want to be the healthiest I can be to do it. I want to be better physically. I just felt the need to share all of that.

A busy weekend over here. On Saturday my sister and my nephew helped me clean out some things in my mother in law’s house. We know that realistically she will never be able to live at home again and the house has needed a good cleaning for several years. We worked for several hours and then I went to visit my mother in law at the assisted living village. Her short term memory is getting so bad and she asks me the same questions over and over or tells me the same story over and over. I just pretend it’s the first time I have heard it. She loves for me to show her pictures of the babies. I try to take several throughout the week so I will have plenty to show her. She has so many stories of when she was a young woman, newly married, riding a greyhound bus to Knoxville every day to business school. The trip was over an hour each way. She studied on the bus and the bus driver always flirted with her. She can still tell these stories like it was yesterday and I love to hear them. Sometimes I start asking her questions so she will tell me one of those. She has such a look on her face when she tells them like she is still seeing every memory and I am sure she is.

Look at this pollen. It’s been crazy!!!!

After our visit I bought groceries. I am amazed every week when I see the price of groceries. Of course having seven babies to buy for isn’t cheap. Scruffy and Molly have to have canned dog food because their teeth, or lack of them, makes it hard to chew hard food. Also dog food and cat food have become really hard to get. I know you have heard the horror stories about baby formula.

Sunday my sister had a cook-out at her house for my nephew Tyler, he graduated from college last week. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to go. He only got four tickets and his mom and dad of course went. My brother in law, his grandfather, couldn’t go so I was able to get his ticket. My sister and I went and sat on the bleachers in the gym for three hours. It was more than worth it. We all went out to eat afterwards and had a really good time.

I have been doing a lot of walks with the babies. It has been really hot here so we don’t go far. I have also been working on the temperature blanket. I am still a little behind but working on it when I can. I can’t wait to show you what I have.

I love daisies they are my favorite flower.

Work continues to be busy but manageable. I am trying to get my house de-cluttered, I think that is an ongoing process and that is o.k.

You knew I would have to sneak a kitty picture in somewhere.

That is what has been going on in my neck of the woods, how are you doing?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Happenings

  1. Congrats on the weight loss and cleaning up your diet – that is awesome! Did you end up cutting back on the sugar consumption? I am struggling these days d/t emotional and physical stress but I want to get back into eating healthier again. Btw, you have a very adorable cat and I don’t blame you for sneaking in the kitty photos. I would have done the same! 🐈💕

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  2. That’s my Kitty Kitty, she was our first kitty. We now have five!!! Yes I have cut back on sugar. That is where I find I can really cut calories. Also eating too much sugar just makes me feel bad. For the past month I have had so much more energy. I know that is not only by eating less sugar but also eating better foods, vegetables, fruit etc. It’s so hard to get back on track. It seems like I have started a hundred times in the last few years but I feel it is time for a change.

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    1. I feel the same way about sugar and processed foods. I am currently sick and have overindulged in way too many popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. I want to get back on track in the next few days and continue to declutter the fridge and kitchen. There’s a lot of junk food that somehow made its way into our house and it needs to go!

      Wow, five cats!! That’s amazing!! We only have one cat. His name is Timon (from the Lion King). I would really like to get another cat but my husband says no.

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      1. I know five is a lot and I also have two dogs. Three of the cats are outside cats. It seems like they have all found us. We never intended to have that many. But my husband is like yours I say “oh well what’s one more “ and he says “no more”!!!! Lol.

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  3. I hear you on trying to eat healthier and moving a little more. I find that the smallest changes make the biggest difference – and it sounds like you’ve found something that works for you. Nice work!

    The stories you share about your mother in law are beautiful – thank you! And of course, your pictures are always quite lovely. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  4. That is so sad about your siblings, that is not easy to go through. I am a comfort food eater too and this new world we are experiencing is not a fun one, so many surprises around every corner, food is something many have gone to when dealing with it all. Seems we never get a break and a new something (who knows what it will be) pops up to freak people out, which I believe is part of the plan. Now food prices have become so high and more people will suffer sadly.
    That is so sweet about you mother-in-law, she sounds cute. My aunt is the same way. She can’t remember what happened minutes ago but her long term memory is super sharp. Her husband is there to help her, as well as some of her grown children.
    Here in Arizona we have higher prices, and also higher shortages they say. I have been able to find cat food so far but it always seems like I end up getting the last bag or case of wet food for our cats when we do our monthly shopping. I have some put away for a rainy day (the dry stuff).
    Now our gas prices have gone up to $5 a gallon and rising…scary. Reminds me of Italy and their high gas prices. Daisies are my favorite flowers too. I have doodled them since I was a little girl.

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