Friday Favorites 5-20-22

Hello and happy Friday. I hope your week is going well it’s hard to believe that Friday is here already but here we are. I wanted to share a few favorite things with you this week.

First this dog clipper set from oneisall. I ordered this set from Amazon and I love it. Scruffy has such anxiety when I have to get him groomed. I hate leaving him even though I know he is taken care of and trimmed up so nicely. It had been getting harder and harder to get him in with the groomers we had been using. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ordered this set and watched some videos on YouTube and last week I trimmed him up. He had so much fur hanging off of his legs he was just a tick magnet whenever we went out. I used one of the clippers to trim up his legs and then another to cut the fur off of his body. I used the scissors to trim the hair around his eyes and face. He is so much cooler and no fur hanging on the ground. It is not a professional job by any means but that is o.k. with us. He is a good baby and is so still and patient when I trim him. Even when I cut his nails he is so good. You know your baby and if they would allow you to do this. But it does save time and money and if you are like me I just hate to see my Scruffy having so much anxiety.

I am loving these jeans form Kohl’s. They are pull on but fit nice and snug around the waist. I just got two pair in two different colors of denim, one light and one dark, and I just ordered a white and black pair. They are the Women’s Croft & Barrow Girlfriend Pull-On Jeans and they are on sale right now for $19.99.

I have been reading this book by Beverly Cleary. She wrote the young adult series, Ramona Quimby and Beezus Quimby books. I love all of her books but she was really an amazing woman. She was 105 years old when she died last year. She was an amazing woman and I am loving this book.

And you know I can’t read just one book at a time so I started The Hobbit. A fellow blogger had mentioned reading this. I can’t remember the last time I read it but I think I will enjoy a little out of this world reading.

Wednesday night we had a Girl’s night and went to see Downton Abbey’s second movie. Oh my goodness it was awesome!!! If you are a Downton Abbey fan or even if you are not I think you will enjoy this movie. I want to see it again already.

And you know I have to slip a kitty picture or two in. Kitty Kitty has been sleeping in this shoe box in my bedroom. She snuggles perfectly into it. It makes me wish I could snuggle up somewhere like that too. She especially likes it because it still has the tissue paper in the bottom of the box.

Just a few things I thought I would share with you. What have you been loving this week.

Always remember

Love your day your way

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