Friday Favorites

What a crazy week this has been. We have a huge project going on at work and we are moving all of our offices and basically everything in our building to another area or two on the grounds. This is so we can build a new entrance, visitor’s center building. I’ll explain more as the process goes along but it has been hectic. I am off today but will go in tomorrow.

I wanted to share some of my favorites that I have enjoyed lately, here we go!!!

These Pond’s makeup remover wipes are awesome!!! I have tried several different types through the years. They are to be used when you can’t take your makeup off properly for whatever reason. Or you can keep them in your car or purse if you are working out and need to wipe sweat away. I kept a small packet of these in my overnight bag when I spent the night at the hospital recently with my sister. I loved them. I got these at Dollar Tree. This is a package of 10 and fits easily into my purse or overnight bag. They also make your face feel so smooth.

These garlic knots I got at Walmart are a meal in themselves. You actually bake them or heat them I should say, in the bag they come in. They are incredibly yummy and addictive. I think they would go great with lasagna or spaghetti and then maybe you wouldn’t eat half the bag like I did. They’re is 8 in a bag and my husband and I shared most of a bag last night. That is all we had for dinner but as I said I think they would be great with spaghetti or any type of pasta.

I got these little boots back before Christmas. I bought them at Burkes Outlet in nearby Athens. Do you have a Burkes Outlet where you live? They have some really nice things. Also very reasonably priced. And their store has undergone a transformation and it is just lovely. The layout is very inviting. Anyway I bought these boots in a size 7, they are Dr. Scholl’s. The 7 turned out to be too small and I had to take them back for an 8 and they fit great!!! I have worn them so many times since Christmas. I find myself pulling them out every other day or so. I just love them.

I am not sure what brand this little cup is. My husband got it at our dirty Santa exchange at Christmas but I immediately took it away from him. It barely holds 16 oz. but it is just the perfect size for me to take on my drive to work. The coffee stays hot the entire time even if I don’t finish it until after I get to work.

Look at this little gardener Santa. I snagged him at a thrift store just before Christmas. I added him to my Santa collection. I definitely don’t have one like him. I also got him 50% off because it was just a few days before Christmas and all Christmas items in this store was marked down. Isn’t he adorable?

This mini Chainsaw was a Christmas present. There are probably not a lot of women who ask for a chainsaw for Christmas but I am her. This is 6 inches, cordless and is made to cut wood and do tree trimming. It has two batteries so I should be good to go for awhile. I haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait to get out in the yard with it.

This is not my kitty. She is a resident kitty where I work. She came to us a few months ago. We named her Anthy, after Anthodite which is a beautiful cave formation, and she is a bit feral. She comes out mostly in the evening and we feed her. Some of our night guards at work have even been able to pet her. She is becoming friendlier so we are hoping maybe someone will soon be able to take her home. Not me!!!!

Guys, this book is amazing. I loved it!!!! Tara Westover recounts her journey from her isolated life in the mountains of Idaho to completing a PhD program in history at Cambridge University. I was so engrossed in this book I was sad to finish it. Tara has appeared on several talk shows and you can google them and watch her. It is an amazing story. If you read nothing else this year please read this book.

The last Friday Favorite is actually a Christmas favorite. My 21 year old nephew bought me yarn for Christmas, soft yarn because he remembered that I told him I didn’t like the acrylic yarn. You guys this touched my heart. Anyone who buys me yarn gets me. Forever. It is absolutely the best thing you could buy me. I was beyond ecstatic and touched.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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