A New Word For The Year, Let’s Celebrate!!!

Hello friends and here we are ten days into the new year. I usually pick a word for the year instead of doing New Year’s resolutions. You may remember, but probably not, that my word of the year last year was Time. You can read that post here
the whole concept behind this word was that I was constantly late for things and it made me feel stressed out and behind all the time. I knew that when I allowed myself extra time it made me so less stressed. I was more productive and made for a better experience on everything. Some of my timing improved but some did not. Since choosing the word Time I have been more conscious of time. I do tend to give myself more time for things and that is probably the biggest key to staying on time and focused. I think by choosing that word it did make me more aware of my time and how I was using it.

So I decided my word for this year will be “Celebrate” I think it means a lot of different things. I want to celebrate each and every day. I want many celebrations throughout the year. I want to celebrate moments with family and friends little things and big things. I want to celebrate feelings both good, and bad because I think that is just the way life is. I think you can always find good in almost everything. By finding the good then I think you should celebrate it. Stay tuned for more celebrations.

Back to day to day life: Our office space at work has been moved temporarily to another building on our work property. We will probably be here for a few months while a new entrance building is being built. The building we are in now has stairs and guess what the bathroom is downstairs and we are upstairs. I am going to celebrate this stair climbing this summer by just how in shape I will be, HA!!! We will see about that. I really don’t mind it. It is a great way to get extra exercise. We still have a lot of things out of place and constantly seem to be asking each other where something is. We spent most of last week getting moved. So I have gotten a lot of exercise since the beginning of the year and that is definitely something to celebrate.

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and used my gift card I got at Christmas. Isn’t this yarn gorgeous. I have a thing for yellow right now. It is just so cheerful. It could be because a lot of our days have been gray and cold. Plus Hobby Lobby had all their yarn 30% off. That is about the only time I buy it there. I just wait for the sale.

The first thing I did Monday morning was make my breakfast burrito for the coming week. I use the Carb Balance tortilla shells. I only put eggs, sausage and diced potatoes on mine. I make five of them and wrap them in foil and put them in the refrigerator. I eat one every morning. I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. The calories are not bad at all because of the low carb tortillas. They are so yummy I love them. You can also use turkey sausage. The potatoes are just a bit of an indulgence for me. You could use cheese, peppers or anything you like. It’s a quick easy breakfast option.

I am a bit embarrassed to say I still have my Christmas decorations up in my house. I just haven’t had the time to get them put away. Sooo we just continue to enjoy them every night. Heck I may still have them up in July. I hope not because I have some cute Valentines decorations I want to dig out. That might look a little weird but who knows. I have somehow found the time to watch season 3 of Emily in Paris while snuggling with Kitty Kitty. But sometimes you just need that down time.

Just look at the look Kitty Kitty is giving me. She is not crazy about pictures.

I caught this sunset on my way this evening. Have you noticed the days are getting slightly longer. That means that spring will be here soon. I love winter but I am always happy to see spring.

So that is what has been happening in my world. What have you been doing? did you choose a word of the year?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

5 thoughts on “A New Word For The Year, Let’s Celebrate!!!

  1. I love your word for the New Year, Celebrate!! ❤️
    I’m watching Emily in Paris as well. 🤗
    Enjoy the rest of your week. I love your beautiful photos.
    ❤️ Cathy

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  2. “Celebrate” is a nice word of the year. Since COVID did put a halt on a lot of activities we normally celebrate, it made me appreciate the celebrations we have throughout the year. It’s a nice transition from your previous word of the year, Time. Celebrations indicate what part of the year we are in. Also what I find just as fun is celebrating moments that are normally not celebrated like a promotion, a new job, a friend leaving a toxic relationship, etc — those deserve just as much recognition.

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