Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, how was your week? I have a few favorites from the week to share with you.

I had seen these rollers all over TikTok and Instagram. I finally bought one from Amazon. They are about $20.00. It is amazing. I have to admit I put it in my freezer and forgot to use it for a couple of days. I finally got it out and used it. The best time to use it is in the morning. It is cold and feels wonderful on your face. It reduces pores and puffiness and it just feels so good. It is supposedly good for headaches and pain relief.

I decided to put out a few Valentines decorations. I was thinking about the red and white wreath I had made for Christmas. I made the wreath and then added the white bells for Christmas. I decided to take the bells off and add a red heart. I bought this heart at Hobby Lobby and painted it red and added it to the wreath. I am still a little undecided. It looks like the reds don’t quite match. I may do something different but for now it is on the door and it looks just fine.

I stopped in at The Dollar General Store yesterday and all Christmas items were on sale 70% off. Most things were picked over but look at this adorable little Christmas calendar I got. I will save it for next Christmas. It was only $2.00!!

I love to color. I found this Cat coloring book. It is so nice. I may have a problem with cats I just love them so much!!!

I love taking salads to work. My niece has one of these Bentgo salad containers. I had to get one too. It is so convenient. Again I got this at Amazon. Only $14.99 and so compact. It’s perfect for taking my salad to work.

I just finished this book. It was really good and had a little twist at the end. I got it through my Libby online library app.

Now for the best “favorites” this week. I had lunch with my niece Michelle and lunch another day with my friend Lorie. And my sister is doing very well after her first Chemo treatment. She has five left to go but so far so good. I think we have to celebrate the small victories as well as the large. And that is right on track with my word of the year. Celebrate.

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

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