A Long Weekend and Some Snow

Hello friends, it was a busy weekend for me. We actually woke up to snow on Saturday morning. Not much and nothing on the roads but it was a pretty little snow. I did an early grocery pickup on Saturday morning. I came back home and did a few chores. I cooked two meals to take to my sister’s house. She started chemo Monday and has been having absolutely no appetite. She said she had been wanting pinto beans and fried potatoes and cornbread. If you are from the south you were probably raised eating pinto beans and cornbread. I did the beans and fried potatoes and my niece made the cornbread. I also made spaghetti and took to her and her husband for the next day and some chess bars that my brother in law loves.

Such a pretty and unexpected snow. Nothing on the roads and it was gone by noon. Just the kind of snow I love.
I made sure to save leftovers for me. My husband hates Pinto Beans and I don’t cook them a lot.

I had planned for Sunday to be a quieter day but I looked at my Christmas decorations still up and I told my husband that we had to get all of that taken down. So that was what we mostly did on Sunday. I had planned to get everything put up the first week of January but my sister has been sick and I have been spending time with her. We are also building a new entrance building at work and a demolition crew has been at work most of the past week. Anyway that is why I hadn’t gotten around to the Christmas decorations. But you know we just plugged in the Christmas lights every night and enjoyed the heck out of them. It does feel good to have everything back in place. I had put chicken in the crockpot earlier in the day so dinner was easy and quick. I also repotted one of my orchids, Oliver. Oliver was looking really bad and his pot had become so small. I hope he will be o.k. I will keep you posted.

As I mentioned a lot of demo work has been going on at my workplace. We have been relocated to another building on the property because our office building was part of the main building coming down. The building officially came down last Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM. I was there at 6:30 AM. I have been working in that building for more than thirty years and I wanted to be there to see it go down. Several coworkers came out as well. It was both sad and exciting with lots of emotions.

Yesterday I left my house at 5:30 AM and picked my sister up for her first round of chemo. It was an all day event. The first treatment is administered very slowly in case there is an allergic reaction. We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 AM and she had blood work and a short visit with the doctor. We were then led to an area with several reclining chairs. We got her comfortable and she was given warm blankets. The first meds started at 9:00 AM. The entire infusion took until about 3:30 PM Most of the others will only take 1-2 hours. One down and five to go. I was able to go over into the main part of the hospital and grab lunch. And of course I took my knitting. So the time passed fairly quickly, for me anyway. She actually slept most of the time because she also got a large dose of Benadryl. She is doing really well so far. She has had very little nausea. As we waited for the chemo to be administered we watched people come and go for different treatments. I always wonder what their story is. I hate cancer it has hit my family really hard through the years. This type of chemo will make her lose her hair. I took her several scarves and hats to try for when that time comes. She is not worried about her hair she just wants rid of this cancer.

Just look at this amazing sunrise.

It was back to work for me today in my new work environment that we are all trying to adjust to. We had to move offices so quickly we are still constantly looking for things. I’m sure as soon as we get familiar with everything it will be time to move back to the old new office.

How was your weekend?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!

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