Friday Favorites

Happy Friday how has your week been? I have a few favorites to share with you this week and I am saving the best for last.

Have you tried these little Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream treats? They are so yummy and only 130 calories for each one. These make a great little snack if you are watching calories and just want a small treat.

I got this light for Christmas. I use it so much. When I am knitting or reading a book I sometimes need a little extra light. My husband likes our house dark at night with no lights on, especially when he is watching TV. I sometimes like to read or knit while we are watching TV and this light is great. I got this at Amazon and I think it was about $19.99.

Look what is blooming. Whenever I see these bloom I know that it is not long until spring will be here. We always called them Easter Flowers in my family because they always grow around Easter time.

Beautiful Wild Daffodil

I also got these shoes for Christmas but I’ve only worn them a few times. These are the Vintage Havanas. They are sort of a knock off from the Golden Goose sneakers which are around $500.00 and, an amount of money I refuse to spend for sneakers. I have heard the Golden Goose shoes are not very comfortable. Oh but these Havanas are so comfy. These are slip on and I can wear them all day and they feel great. These were around $100.00 so a fraction of the cost for the Golden Goose sneakers.

I love Valentine’s Day. I bought these earrings last year. I wear them throughout the year but they are especially good for Valentine’s Day.

Last year I sewed these little cloth hearts. I put them in a large clear vase and I put them out again this year for Valentine’s Day. These are really easy to see. If you want to see how I did them just check out this post from last year, here

I made chocolate chip cookies a couple of nights ago. I decided to save half of the cookie dough for another time. This way we only have a few cookies at a time. I took most of these to work with me for my coworkers.

But the best thing this week was that today my sister Sandy had her second round of Chemo and she did great!!! Her bloodwork was really good and had improved from last week. And she was able to walk into the hospital instead of using her wheelchair. Small and yet massive steps for her. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes for her and please keep them coming.

What favorites have you had this week.

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Hi Lisa – the sneakers seem like a fun thing to enjoy and nice price -I got two new pair of sneakers with memory foam – and that means a lot to me – hahah
    oh and
    the heart earrings are truly great for V-day

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  2. So fun! Enjoy your daffodils and your chocolate chip cookies! It’s brilliant to save half of the dough for later. Sometimes I like to bake up a whole batch and just freeze half of the cookies. Then the baking is done! –BUT, very tempting to just constantly pull cookies out of the freezer.

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