Hello Monday, Weekend Fun And An Estate Sale

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? I had a fun weekend. Lots of TV watching which is really unusual for me. And I did a bit of cooking. And I worked on the temperature blanket. I have to get that thing finished!!!!

So on Saturday morning I decided that I was going to go into the grocery store and get my groceries. I usually do an online grocery pickup for most things and then just pick up any extras I need throughout the week. Our Walmart has the tiniest isles and it is so hard to get through it without losing my religion, sanity and no police record. I went into the store at around 10:00 AM . I had just been to an estate sale and spent a little time browsing there so I wasn’t as early getting to the grocery store as I would have liked. It wasn’t too bad except that I usually spend twice as much money when I go into the store. And I did this time too.

But back to the estate sale it was fantastic. I didn’t buy anything but I had a great time looking around let me show you some of the things that were there. This estate sale is run by the same group that I used to go to last year. They buy estates or conduct estate sales for people. They have moved to a larger building that holds all of the stuff. The first day on Thursday everything is full price and then on Friday it is 25% off and then on Saturday some or most of the items are 50% off and on Sunday 50-75% off. I went on Saturday. So everything was 50% off except the furniture it was still at 25% off.

Look at this bed frame. I overheard the main guy who runs the estate sale tell another man that many people would have these figures on their bed frames to help ward off evil spirits and bad dreams. I think if this thing were on my bed I would have nightmares.

This is an interesting shelf it would definitely take up a lot of room.

This couch is very interesting but I can’t imagine that it would be comfortable to sit on.

This couch was beautiful. Look how white it is!! There was a sign asking people to please not sit on it but how did it stay so pristine to start with???

O.K. this piece almost went home with me. A darling little bowl with a beautiful design and only $15.00 after the 50% off discount. But I did not buy it. I kept thinking about all the things in my house that I have no room for. However if I go back one day and it is still there it will probably come home with me. Just saying.

This oil painting was so beautiful. Such talent.

I could just imagine serving lemonade or mint juleps from these little glasses. Again I wanted them but I know I have nowhere to put them.

Be still my heart, look at this tea set. Again I can imagine serving tea or coffee from this instead of my random chipped mugs. But alas I am comfortable with my mugs that’s just how I roll.

Another couch that people were going crazy over. I know someone will find a home for this. I can just imagine what it would look like after the kitties have had a run at it.

Again, isn’t this little serving set gorgeous. I think it is a dessert bowl and smaller serving bowls. I seriously almost bought this but I was afraid that if I served anything from it the gold etching could come off off the side. But it was still beautiful. What else could I have used it for???

Look at this table!!!! I am sure it would fit in someone’s home.

This little dresser set was very nice but a bit pricey.

I am not sure what this thing is. It looks like a clock without the inside. Definitely an interesting piece.

A few books that were really old.

A beautiful vintage wedding dress.

Some other vintage dresses. I love vintage clothing but have never been able to fit in the tiny sizes. Well maybe when I was in the fifth or sixth grade.

The next two pictures are from the same artist. They are two out of a set of three. I didn’t get a picture of the third one it was turned at a really strange angle.

After I got home from grocery shopping and the estate sale I worked on the temperature blanket. Ya’ll I am really over this blanket. I have to finish because I am so close. I know it will be beautiful. I got behind at the end of last year and still have all of December to do. It is a different row of crochet corresponding with the temperature that particular day. Yes I recorded the temperature every day last year. After I finish the blanket I then have to add a border around it. It is huge!!!! Gus loves it and as soon as I put it on the bed to measure it he jumped right on it.

As I mentioned I watched four movies this weekend. That is a lot for me. Especially since my attention span has been nothing lately. The weather was bad Saturday night and Sunday and it was a good day to cozy in and watch movies.

This first movie had one of my favorite actors, Lou, starring Allison Janney. Oh my goodness this is a thriller. If you are like me you will be screaming and yelling throughout the movie. Several times Mark yelled up the stairs to see if I was ok.

A precious romcom starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon. Your Place or Mine, It is sweet and was good to watch after the screaming and shouting that went with watching Lou.

Meryl Streep is one of my all time favorite actors. She did an amazing job in this movie, August: Osage County. The movie also starts Julia Roberts and Juliette Lewis and a host of other actors. If you have ever thought your family might be dysfunctional watch this movie and you will see they probably are not. Still a great movie with incredible acting.

Another sweet and great movie again about a somewhat estranged crazy family. But as most movies do it all worked out in the end. The People We Hate At The Wedding starred Allison Janney, she is so amazing. Also starring Kristen Bell and a wonderful group of actors. You have to watch it. It is hysterical.

So my weekend was fun and full of things I love to do. I also did some cooking. I made lasagna for Saturday night and baby back ribs on Sunday. I don’t get to cook a lot for my husband so when I have a chance I like to cook for us.

So how was your weekend?? Did you do something fun?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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