Hello Monday

Hello and happy Monday. How was your weekend? I hope you had a wonderfully blessed Easter Sunday and that you were able to spend time with loved ones. Half of the weekend, Saturday, was rainy and cold and Sunday was sunny and beautiful just in time for Easter get togethers.

On Saturday Mark and I had to go to Cookeville Tennessee. Cookeville is about a two hour drive for us. It did take a little longer because the weather was so bad. We went to visit my brother in law who was in the hospital there with a broken hip. It was a fairly short trip other than the long drive. We stopped at Red Lobster for lunch. I had a gift card left over from Christmas. We also had an opportunity to drive through the downtown area of Cookeville and it was just so nice. Lots of little shops and antique stores. I will definitely be going back when I have more time to spend.

While we were driving through Cookeville on Saturday we came upon this awning. I’m not sure what significance the bicycles have but it’s very interesting.

Saturday also marked the one year date of my sister Pat’s passing. She was very sick and we knew she wasn’t going to get better but it was so hard letting her go. It’s hard to believe it has been a year and yet in many ways it seems like so much longer.

My sweet sister Pat. She had the most wonderful personality and everyone loved her. She made friends everywhere she went.

Easter Sunday was fairly quiet. My nephew and his wife came to eat a late lunch with us. I bought a large spiral ham because Mark likes lots of left overs. I made sourdough bread from my bread starter. I had to make the bread on Saturday and then it rises twice and was ready for baking on Sunday. I was afraid it wouldn’t rise very well on Saturday because it was so rainy and cold but it did. You never know it can be so fickle.

Ready to bake. The bread rose nicely.
Black jelly beans are one of my favorite Easter candies. And the sad thing is you can only find the black ones around Easter time. I made sure to stock up today when the Easter candy and decorations were 50% off.

When I got to work this morning a coworker’s mother had made these adorable Easter Chick Pretzels. She left some on my desk for me.

Aren’t these adorable? They were yummy too.

I didn’t finish the fabric carrots that I started. I totally ran out of time and just didn’t have the time or patience to do them in time for Easter. I put them in a project bag and will work on them again next year. At least all the fabric is cut and ready to be sewn. I may pull them out in the winter to work on them.

So into the work week we go, are you doing something fun and exciting?

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!!

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