Friday Favorites

Oh Friday I am so glad to see you. It has been a really long week. Here are a few of my favorites from the week:

I listened to two audio books this past week: The Whittiers by Danielle Steel. A sweet story about a large family who came together after the death of their parents. And though they are all a bit dysfunctional they make living together work out. I know Danielle Steel can be a bit predictable but sometimes that’s just what you need.

The next book was Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer. It was pretty good. Again a bit predictable. When I am driving I don’t like to have anything too heavy to listen to unless it is a long drive.

I needed a new pair of sneakers for work. I like black because they go with everything I wear, imagine that. I love New Balance so I ordered these “fresh foam”, that sounded intriguing and comfy. And they are!!!! They are so light weight and just what I need when I am running all over the property at work. These were on sale for $52.92 marked down from $84.99. I just checked and they are still on sale. I love them.

I wear reading glasses and I have a pair in every room of my house as well as in my car and a pair or two at work. If you’ve ever had reading glasses most pairs are not very attractive. I found these through an ad on Facebook. I ordered them through Amazon. I love them. Only $16.99 for the set. And each one comes with its own little case.

I love these larger frames!!

I actually got this new orchid from my friend Lorie last week but I just had to share it with you this week. Isn’t she a beauty. I named her Kalliope. She is doing great and adjusting to all the other orchids and her environment.

Isn’t she beautiful!!!

My husband and I love to see the musical CATS. We’ve seen it several times in different places. Maybe it is because we love our cats so much. But even before we had cats we loved seeing this. When we heard that Cats was coming to Knoxville to The Tennessee Theatre we knew we had to go. And Wednesday night we went. It was awesome!!! Just like always. Check out the Tennessee Theatre here for more information.

What fun things did you enjoy this week???

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Yes as I have gotten older I realize the importance of having comfortable shoes. I cannot spend an entire day at work if my feet aren’t comfy. The theatre has been renovated. It was almost in a state of ruin about 20 years ago. A group stepped in and spent, well a fortune, and totally restored it. It truly is a treasure.

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  1. I actually am in the middle of the two most exciting weeks of this month- I guess, Easter was the most exciting part of this week

    However, last week and next week have pretty exciting things:

    April 5th- Aladdin (my 2nd visit)

    April 21st-23rd- Parish Retreat

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