Meet Me In St Louis

Thursday 3-8-2018                                                          

On Monday morning at 4:45 A.M I discovered that me and my luggage do not get along.  I was packed and ready to head to the airport for St Louis. Of course I was running a little late.  I zipped my suitcase and started to put the little handle pulley thing down when I realized it was stuck.  It would not go down. I vaguely remember the last time I had taken it somewhere it stuck like that at the airport and the skycap wouldn’t take it until I got the handle down because he said he didn’t want to damage it.  I should mention at this point I am very hard on luggage

After about ten minutes of struggling, cursing, and pouring a gallon of sweat, could this be considered cardio?, I realized I was not getting this handle down.

I ran down to the basement and grabbed another suitcase much larger than what I needed but the next best choice.  I quickly transferred the contents of the bad suitcase into this one.


This reminds me of the quote from Steel Magnolias where Clairee says to Ouiser “you know I love you more than my luggage”  I think it’s safe to say at this point I love everyone more than my luggage!!!!


I stayed in St Louis for several days for a meeting and didn’t have much time to see anything but the hotel. I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel  right at the airport. This is an easy stay I don’t have to get a car because the hotel has a free shuttle to and from the airport.

This hotel is really beautiful and I can tell you that every team member there has got hospitality going on.  The lobby area has lots of beautiful and comfortable seating. This is a great hotel.

Whenever I travel I like to take knitting with me so I brought a pair of socks I have been working on and this scarf.  I love this self striping yarn. Just when you get tired of a color you are ready to change. I don’t remember where I got this yarn I have a couple of skeins of it. I am using size 4.5 bamboo needles for this scarf and it is really simple cast on 22 stitches and knit every row.   Just straight boring knitting.  The kind I like. Sometimes.


So I am headed home this morning and while leaving the elevator at the hotel an eldery lady said “oh my that’s such a large suitcase” and I proceeded to tell her the story.

See y’all


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