Welcome to my Crazy Life

Monday, April 23, 2018



Wow what a crazy couple of weeks this has been, notice the picture above I think I may have this look permanently. My little mother in law was moved to a nearby nursing home where she started receiving therapy for her hip.  Things seemed to be going pretty well but then she developed a very bad infection where her hip was replaced. She is back in the hospital and having surgery today to clean and scrape out the infection. She has a long road ahead of her with the healing process of this wound. As a matter of fact I am writing this from the surgical waiting area.

So between back and forth to the nursing home and now the hospital,  things have been crazy with me. Toss in work, taking care of my pets, including a new kitty with some health issues, trying to keep laundry done and my house somewhat clean, I am just about batty.

Oh naive me. A few weeks ago I posted about treating every day as if it were a weekend day and trying to make it special.  Ha!!! now I look forward to just being able to get home and sit in the recliner for a few minutes of blissful quiet and maybe a glass of wine, If I don’t fall asleep first. It’s funny how things like this happen and I often think they do happen just to show you and make you appreciate life and what you have when you have it.  Can I get an amen there?  I know my MIL keeps repeating this.  She has the best sweetest spirit about her. Makes me admire her so much.

My Birthday and Wedding Anniversary fell in the middle of all of this so I did try to do a couple of fun things.  My husband had to work on our anniversary and my Birthday so we will work out another time soon to celebrate.

My good friend Lorie was with me on my Birthday and though it didn’t turn out quite like we planned we still had a great time. Lorie keeps bees and has chickens and an amazing sunset from her porch.


Ahhh!!!!  so maybe not so crazy after all.

Love your day your way


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