How Are You Doing?

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

How many times a day do we hear this question?  many many times a day I am sure.  Of course it’s great that someone wants to know how we are doing, but do they really?  If you were to unload all that is going on in your life I am sure that person would get a horrified look on their face and run away.  This makes me laugh just thinking about it.
Most of us answer with an “I’m fine” or “things are crazy busy” or “good how are you”?
Or if you’re from the south like me “how are ya’ll”?  this last one could be just you or meant to cover your entire family.

As I told you a few days ago my life is a little crazy right now with everything I have going on but isn’t everybody’s life like that?  I think it is really just how we deal with it. Last month I wrote this post about not always having to be “on” If you missed it you can check it out here:  You don’t always have to be “on”  I listed several things I was going to do to try to make things a little easier in my life.  Here is a follow up, if you will, of how these things are going for me.  Let me know how things are going with you.  I really am an avid listener my husband cannot believe how people start talking to me, even total strangers, and start telling me the most intimate of things in their life. I really do try to listen and lets be honest most people love talking about themselves.   Anyway here goes:

  1. Getting better sleep at night. This has been going pretty well for me. I can’t believe the difference a good night’s sleep makes. I try to limit eating, drinking or too much social media at night right before bed, this tends to get me overstimulated.
  2. Stop procrastinating.  Wow this one is something that I struggle with every single day.  I try to do my most challenging jobs in the morning but this doesn’t always work.   I still find myself putting uncomfortable things: conversations, calls, visits, housework, off.  I think oh I can do that tomorrow.  But then again when I work steadily at a project before it is due I can’t tell you how that frees my mind. I don’t have to worry about it or even think about it up until the time it is due.  The same goes for all those other things we sometimes put off doing.
  3. Eat healthy but don’t deprive myself. I have actually been doing pretty well with this one.  I have been trying to eat low carb and this takes away the sugar cravings that I normally get when I am loading up on carbs.  I have lost about ten pounds maybe a little more and can tell a big difference in my clothes.  I try not to deprive myself and just have some of the things I love but only in moderation.
  4. Get more exercise.  I have failed on this one big time.  I really have to work on getting back to a regular exercise program even if it is just walking daily.  My knee is doing great so there is no excuse there.
  5. Stop Trying to cram 48 hours of work into a 24 hour day.  This one I am still working on.  Because of the problem with procrastination this one sometimes still leaves me doing things up until the last minute.
  6. Let go of things I cannot control.  Again another work in progress. I am definitely a Type A personality so it is only natural that I try to control everything.  My family refers to me as “The Boss”  Oh well someone has to be right?
  7. Enjoy what is going on around me by truly living in the present.  This is one I have really been working on.  Even if it is something as small as putting my window down while I am driving and letting the wind blow through my hair.  How can you not appreciate that feeling?


Just look at this day. Do you see the geese with their long necks? they are honking loudly to each other that someone is near.  It is sunny for the second day in a row and will be 73 degrees today.  I am feeling great. Thank you for asking.

Love your day your way



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