What are you doing tomorrow?



By Lisa, Monday July 23rd, 2018

Hey What are you doing tomorrow?

You know we hear this all the time.  Whether it is when we are leaving work and we have days off, or talking or texting friends at night, or whatever. What are you doing tomorrow?   This is just a question we frequently ask and are asked.  But I am talking about something a little more in depth than the next twenty four hours.

I noticed a few weeks ago, well actually I noticed it a long time ago but it has really started bugging me, that I am always on a diet on Monday.  Do you ever do that?  You may start the week off on Monday and your eating and working out is going really well and then BAM!!!! something happens along about Wednesday and you find yourself overindulging in snacks and then lunch and then dinner.  This continues on into Thursday so by this time the weekend is almost here and you think oh well I’ve ruined this week I will start on Monday.  I seriously hope you don’t have this mentality but I surely can’t be the only one who thinks this way, can I?



So I have found myself thinking and saying to myself, tomorrow I will do better,

(these are in no particular order)
Tomorrow I will eat better and work out
Tomorrow I will be a better friend
Tomorrow I will be a better employee
Tomorrow I will tackle my house and get it super clean and stop cluttering
Tomorrow I will start doing some projects that I am interested in. Take time for me.
Tomorrow I will be a better listener
Tomorrow I will do something special for someone else
Tomorrow I will do something daring I have been putting off
Tomorrow I will clear out my email in boxes
 Tomorrow I will wear what I want and not feel self-conscious
Tomorrow I will….. (Insert your own here)
Tomorrow I will get my shit together

Tomorrow Tomorrow I love ya tomorrow you’re only a daaaaaayyy awayyyyyyy!!!!!

Tomorrow. It is only a day away. But what if we go ahead and do those things today. Right  Now!!! Wouldn’t we kind of already have a head start. A friend of mine once said don’t wait for tomorrow to start eating right or whatever  Do it now!!! I said but it’s 9:00 pm and she said well just think when it’s 9:00 pm tomorrow night you will already have a full day in. I think that is an awesome idea. A much better alternative than waiting for days until Monday.

What would it take to start eating better right now?  go to bed hungry don’t eat that late night snack or have that glass of wine for tonight.  Take a 20 or 30 minute walk.

How can I be a better friend? Stop right now and text or call a friend and tell them you miss them and have been thinking about them.

How can I be a better employee? maybe by getting to work earlier than usual and getting started on a project you have been putting off.

How can I keep my house cleaner and free of clutter.  Clean out your fridge or a kitchen drawer, this only takes a few minutes and it will empower you to do other things.

How can I get back to fun projects that I have missed.  Set aside 30 minutes and knit, or play the piano, draw a picture, read a book, something I enjoy just for me.

How can I be a better listener?  Just listen.  Sometimes its hard to do. but just stay quiet and listen to the person who is talking to you.

How can I do something special for someone else?  that one is easy.  If you have called or texted a friend you have done it.  Bring your co-workers flowers or some cute ink pens.

How do you do something daring and not be afraid?  You probably can’t without being afraid but that is the fun of it.  Do it and feel your heart race and the excitement of doing something different.

How do we ever clear out our in boxes.  Once again set aside time, not in the morning, and get those emails answered or deleted for good.

If you often feel self-conscious in your clothes because you don’t think your legs look good in that dress or you don’t like your arms so you don’t go sleeveless don’t worry.  Other people are just as concerned about themselves and usually so much so they are not even paying attention to you.  Give it a try.  Just don’t wear anything that will get you arrested.  That’s an adventure I don’t need for sure.’

So if you tell yourself tomorrow I will get my shit together.  Guess what?  you probably already have it together and you have just forgotten how well you do.  If you have some things you want to change then make it happen!!!!



Shortly after starting this post last week a sweet co-worker passed away suddenly. We are all in shock and disbelief she was just at work with us last week.  So this has made me think more than ever.  Don’t waste time.  Do what makes you happy now!!!!

Love your day your way


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