How To Reduce Your Stress When Buying a New Car.


By Lisa, Saturday, July 28, 2018


Well I bought a new car last weekend.  I have been thinking about a new car for about a year now.  I HATE buying a car. I love the part where I bring the car home but the actual process of sitting down and going back and forth with the salesman trying to get a good deal makes me nauseous.  There is so much involved with the incentives and rebates etc. I am always thinking I probably didn’t get the best deal I could have.

I decided this time was going to be different. For one thing I don’t have a day or two to go to a dealership and test drive different cars and then sit in an office trying to make a deal. So here are five things I did to make it less painful:

1. I started researching the kind of car I wanted.  I did this a few months ago. I know that not everyone will have the luxury of taking this much  time to look but I have discovered in my older age when you rush in with such a big decision there is more room for errors.

2.  Once I narrowed my decision to two different models I decided to do some research on those.  I was interested in the INFINITY QX 50 and the Nissan Rogue or Murano.  I checked out these cars to get a price range and think about the different features.


The QX 50




The Murano

3. If you are a woman and  you want to look at cars without any pressure take another woman with you.  This is a sad truth, maybe it’s a southern thing, but without your husband, or boyfriend a lot of salesman don’t take you seriously. I guess they think you won’t make a decision without your spouse or significant other.  I found this true especially with the older salesmen.



4. Try to make it fun. My sister and I would visit car lots while we were out shopping to kind of break it up. We did this over a few different days. This way it didn’t really seem like there was a lot of pressure.  Also I am not beyond going up to a stranger, driving a car I might be interested in, and asking them how they like it.  This can be very helpful.

5. When you decide on the dealership you want to use, pick a salesman and exchange numbers so that you can text information to them along with questions you might have. The salesman, Warren, and I had many texts while he gathered information about my trade-in and just how much I was willing to spend.

After driving several cars I decided on the Nissan.  The fact that the Infinity was out of my price range, unless I wanted to lease, helped determine that.  I picked the Nissan Rogue SL AWD



I liked the size of the  Rogue Sport but it rode a little rough.


I also liked the Murano but it was a little larger than the Rogue and I was wanting to go down a little in size.


My husband wanted to drive the car so we went up on Saturday.  Since I had already picked the car I wanted Warren had it ready for us when we arrived.  We drove the car and Mark liked it very much. This is probably what makes them not take you seriously unless you have your husband with you Ha Ha.   We went back to the dealership and had the paperwork, extended warranty, getting us familiar with the car etc. all done in less than two hours and we were free to go about our day.

I know it may seem like this took even more time than ever but it really did take the stress out of my car buying experience.  If possible I will always approach buying a car the same way.

Happy Hunting.

Love your day your way


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