My 5 Favorite Songs


Well it’s Saturday and a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. I still have a horrible cold and  I am so stuffy, if I could remove my head temporarily I would probably do it. I caught sight of myself in the mirror when I was letting Scruffy out for his walk and almost screamed. Who was that pasty woman with the red swollen nose and puffy eyes. Yep you guessed it. Me. I have been in the recliner all day and Scruffy and Kitty Kitty have been fighting for a spot on my lap.  I guess if you have to be sick this is the best place to be.  I have been reading a couple of different books and working on some knitting.  Just chilling out trying to get rest and fluids.

I did venture out for a walk with Scruffy for a bit this afternoon.  The sunshine is so nice and the temps are in the 50’s so not too bad.  Trees and bushes are blooming everywhere.  I am so afraid a cold snap will kill what has bloomed out.

This is day 7 of the 30 day blog challenge and today is about my 5 Favorite songs, These are in no particular order I love them all. So here we go;

  1. Proud Mary by Tina Turner. I love this song because I love Tina Turner and I love that this song offers a different way of life.  Someone quits their job with the man and hitches a ride on a River Boat Queen and sees different cities in ways they never have. I guess I have always thought of ditching my job and taking a job somewhere and seeing things I never have before.  I once told my husband I was going to quit working for the man every night and day and hitch a ride on a River Boat Queen.  He said, well when you can make the same amount of money that the man pays you that might be an option.  He is such a stick sometimes ha ha.  Oh and also I do want some Tina hair I keep working on it I know it will happen.
  2. We Are The Champions by Queen.  This song was written by Freddie Mercury.   I loved him. Even more so after he died. While he was popular and performing I was a little young to appreciate what talent he had.  I especially loved the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, that was made about Freddie’s life and the band Queen.  If you haven’t seen it please watch it now.  It is the best movie I have seen in a long time.  I loved Freddie because he didn’t care to be different and show people how different he was.  The lyrics, But it’s been been no bed of roses no pleasure cruise I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain’t gonna lose, speaks so much.  He was a freaking musical genius. All of Queen were unbelievably talented.  I listen to this song on my way to work everyday.  It gets me inspired!!!!
  3. Crazy Love by Poco.  This is an oldie but I remember listening to it when I was a teenager and having first loves. I  still know every word and will sing it at the top of my lungs if I hear it.  I remember me and my girlfriends listening to this song over and over every time we went through a break up.  It happens all the time this crazy love of mine, wraps around my heart refusing to unwind.  I just love it.
  4.  I melt with you by Modern English.  I am not sure why I love this song except that it reminds me of love.  I’ll stop the world and melt with you.  Isn’t that romantic?  And the tune is so catchy you will want to dance your butt off every time you hear it.  I never was a fan of this band otherwise but I love this song.
  5. Circles by Post Malone. This has just recently become a favorite but I love it.  I love several songs by Post Malone.  This song is again one that  I know every word to  and sing it all the time.  It is a little sad but it is about a love affair that can’t go anywhere but in circles:  Seasons change and our love went cold.  Feed the flame cause we can’t let it go. Run away, but we’re running in circles run away, run away.

Man after reading these and the lyrics I have to proclaim myself  a true romantic ha ha. Oh well I am what I am.

What are some of your favorite songs?  I really have many many more than this I didn’t even get into country music and gospel music which I love and have many many favorites.  I will save those for another time.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!


9 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Songs

  1. Love the pics – spring is coming! So here are my 5 faves: 1) Hysteria – Def Leppard (and the whole album; 2) The Unforgiven – Metallica; 3) Bleeding Me – Metallica; 4) Civil War – Guns & Roses; 5) September -Earth, Wind & Fire (I know, it quite different from the other 4), but if you could see my playlist. . .lol.

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    1. I love it. Def Leppard and ZZ Top are coming to Knoxville in September Mark and I are going to try and get tickets.


  2. Love them all! Tina is my favorite singer of all time, especially on “River Deep – Mountain High.” And I could listen to Queen all day!

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