What’s In My Bag

Hello friends, today is day 9 of the 30 day blog challenge. I will have to say I am enjoying the blogging and getting to know many new people. It has also introduced me to a lot of new sites I didn’t know about. If you are a blogger it really is a great challenge. But get back with me on that in another week or two and things may be different haha.

So the topic for today is What’s In My Bag? I am assuming it could be a purse or a bag I carry daily with me to work. I tend to be a little high maintenance and like to have a lot of things with me at any given time.

So what I usually do, instead of carrying two large bags, is carry a rather large purse and put whatever I need for my work day in that.

So first of all let me tell you about this brown bag.  It is my favorite bag of all time.  I bought it several years ago at Christmas at the mall.  I got it at American Eagle.  It was on Black Friday when everything in the store was 40% off.  I had just ask one of the sales associates if that included the bags and she said yes.  This bag was only about $40.00 but I was thinking man, 40% off of that is awesome.  Well of course when I got to the register they told me the bags weren’t included.  The sales lady happened to be standing nearby and she said yes she had told me that so they let me have it for 40% off.  Score!!!  This bag has seen me through so much.  I take it with me every time I travel because it is perfect for taking on the plane.  After all of the hundreds of times I have carried it it still shows very little wear.  

So as you can see quite a few things. Maybe more than some people maybe less. As I said I’m a little high maintenance. My husband tells me I will take everything from home but the kitchen sink if I can.


I always take my laptop with me and usually my charger that I didn’t show here.  My wallet is very plain I don’t believe in all that matchy matchy stuff I just like a basic wallet. That little white thing is a screen cleaner roller and it is amazing.  Mark ordered several from Amazon and you can roll it across any of your devices and it cleans lint, fingerprints whatever.  To clean it all you have to do is hold it under water and then let it dry.  I carry a tape measure because we are constantly measuring things at work. I like to take knitting with me because if I find myself with a few minutes to spare I just whip out my knitting and knit a few rows. It’s very calming.  I like to have a book with me.  This book is Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.  I love his books. I read a lot of books on my phone through Tennessee Reads but I still like to hold a book sometimes when I Read.   The smaller brown bag holds a little make-up for freshening up and I always have several lipsticks and chapsticks with me.  A brush, emery board, ink pens and I’m all set.  Oh I often take a snack to work with me also. Whew!!! does you bag look like that? or do you have more? or less?

 The knitting that I take with me is something easy to work on like this scarf. 

  I love having my MacBook with me and I always use this cover for protection. 

So that’s about it for what’s in my bag.  Of Course if I am just going out for the day shopping or to eat or go to a movie, I don’t carry all of this.  

So what’s in your bag? do you go big or small or carry a bag at all? I have a friend who doesn’t even carry a purse she stuffs everything she carries into her pockets!!!  Man, she’s low maintenance.  I just can’t be that way.

Tomorrow’s post is about the best trip of my life.  I don’t know if I can say it’s the best but it is the trip Mark and I took to Ireland and Scotland several years ago.  Lots of pics. Stay tuned. 

Happy Monday 

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!!!


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