My Trip to Ireland

Several years ago my husband and I took a trip to Ireland. During this trip we also visited Scotland, Wales and London. I will tell you about those in another post.  For this and the 10th day of my blog post challenge,  The best trip of my life, I would like to share my trip to Ireland with you.   While I can’t say for sure that it is the “best” it certainly ranks up there as one of the best.

Our first morning in Ireland we went to visit the House of Waterford Crystal.  We had a tour through the factory and got to see the crystal being made.  It was very interesting and a little scary being near all of the expensive crystal.





At one time all of Waterford Crystal was made in Ireland but now it is being produced in other countries.



Isn’t Ireland beautiful?  It was everything I expected it to be and much much more.

Next we ventured to Avoca to visit Ireland’s oldest Hand weaving Mill and watch the weavers at work.  You know how I love weaving and knitting and everything like that so I was beyond excited.  This mill is the oldest surviving working mill in Ireland today and dates from 1723.    The original whitewashed buildings of the old mill now house the store which carries an extensive selection of clothing, gifts and food.  I did have to buy several scarves and a couple of hats.   Check out more details here

The next place we visited was Glendalough.  Glendalough is a glacial valley in County Wicklow Ireland.  The early Christian monastic site founded by St. Kevin in the 6th Century.  It was so beautiful it was one of our favorite places.  For more pictures and information check out the site here.






And from the quiet countryside into the fast paced city of Dublin.  Dublin is a beautiful city we spent some time shopping there and just checking out the sites.



We did go to the Guinness Brewing company and went to the top floor where the Oxygen bar is.  It was Halloween and it was so crowded you could not move!!!  It is on the top floor and the views are amazing.





St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

So that was the some of the highlights to our trip to Ireland. I hope you enjoyed it and if you haven’t been to Ireland you get to go one day.  I will save the days in Scotland  and London and Wales for another post because their just too good to share.

Always remember,

Love your day your way!!


4 thoughts on “My Trip to Ireland

  1. We did an Ireland trip too. I LOVED it! We saw some of the same places. I think I saw the same guy blowing glass at Waterford. lol My favorite place was Dublin. We started there, drove south, around through Blarney, Dingle peninsula, Galway, Ashford Castle and back to Dublin. Just a wonderful place to go. Your pics brought back the memories. 🙂

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