The Year of The Cat

Happy New Year Friends!!! I decided to do a quick look back at 2021. If you read my blog at all you know what a big year it was for us when we added a mama cat and her four kittens. Don’t forget we still have our inside cat Kitty Kitty and Molly and Scruffy. Yes that’s eight fur babies that we get to love on every day. We also get to clean up after them, feed them, spend a fortune at the vet on them and worry about them constantly. Is it worth it? you bet it is. We wouldn’t want it any other way. I hope you enjoy this look back at 2021. Hello 2022 let’s get you going.

January started out cold in 2021. We had snow at Christmas and the cold just seemed to linger. We had lots of frost but not a lot of snow otherwise. I tried my hand at making tapestry earrings and loved them. I just wish I had more time to work on them. As always we took a million walks with the babies. They love walking in the cold weather.

February was another cold and foggy month. A lot of staying at home snuggled up with the babies. The frost was so thick a lot of days it looked like snow.

I wonder what they’re thinking.


My nephew Tyler and I went on a short hike in the Cherokee National Forest. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I also spent some time taking pictures with my other nephew Caleb. He is so photogenic.

These two, they love each other so much.

April came along warm and soft and turned everything a million different colors of green. April is also my Birthday and Anniversary month so a lot of reasons to celebrate. We also moved Molly into the house full time we just couldn’t take a chance on her being out all day while we were at work. And of course my favorite Dogwoods bloom in April. I did a lot of knitting all year and hope to finish several projects as we go into 2022.

Queen Molly

May arrived and more beautiful flowers started popping out everywhere. We also got to experience the awesome Strawberry Moon.

Strawberry Moon

In June I took a short work trip to Luray Virginia where I had a meeting with several other tourism attractions’ partners. Luray Caverns was the host. If you have not been to this beautiful and amazing cavern please go. You will not believe it!!! And of course the Mimosa blooms in June and gives off that wonderful sweet fragrance.

In July we celebrated my sister Sandy and her husband Don’s Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. What fun we had. I made a wedding cake for them and we had all of the family at my house. July was also a special month because that is when our beloved Allie Cat showed up. She was half starved and very scared. It took weeks for her to get close to us.

One day in early August, Allie Cat, also known as Mama, came back from one of her long walks trailing four kittens. They were adorable little fluff balls. We made plans to have them spayed and neutered and then give a couple of them away. HA!!!! somehow that never happened.

September was a busy month. We were taking care of kitties, and my work was preparing to host our Southern Highlands Attractions organization for our annual meeting. All went well for the meeting and then the following week Mark and I went on a much needed vacation to Wrightsville Beach.

My buddy Sarah and me having a good time at the Attraction’s Meeting.
Me and hubs

October is one of my favorite months of the year. This past year was no exception. The Sisters went on our annual Sister Trip to Gatlinburg. We had so much fun. We also did a little shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall in Sevierville. I painted Pumpkin rocks for Halloween. And the Kitties continued to thrive and adjust to us and even Mama cat, Allie, will now allow petting and loving.

They love to snuggle and sleep this way.

November is my husband’s Birthday month, also his mom’s, we celebrated her 88th birthday at Thanksgiving. She had so much fun and couldn’t believe all the attention. The fall colors here in November were stunning. Beautiful colors and then very frosty mornings. I love it all!!!!

And all too quickly the year was zooming to an end. Christmas came so suddenly I felt I didn’t have time to prepare. I guess I feel this way almost every year. I got stockings for all the babies. We decorated our tree and added some decorations to the house. Our work Christmas party was in beautiful downtown Knoxville. A busy month. We also lost a beloved co-worker in December and I think that just left me shocked and a little unfocused.

So what a year it was. I had to laugh when I remember the plan to give some of the kittens away. You know that thought didn’t last long. One of my favorite times of the day is going out in the garage every morning to feed all the kitties out there, we still have Kitty Kitty inside the house, they run to me and rub up agains my legs. All of them want attention at the same time. They are precious. Who could have known how much our lives would change when a scrawny little mama cat showed up and then came back with all her babies. I am glad they found us. All of our babies are rescues. Molly, Scruffy, Kitty Kitty, Allie, Milo, Buster, Izzy and Sadie. Yes, for us, I definitely think you could call this “The Year of The Cat.”

Happy New Year!!!!!

Always remember

Love your day your way!!!!

3 thoughts on “The Year of The Cat

  1. Eight furbabies!! At one time we were caring for six: three indoor, three outdoor (except we put a cat door in the garage side door so they could always get in there). And we were working full time so I don’t know how we managed. High vet bills indeed 🙂 But they pay us back in love which is priceless. I really enjoyed this post, Lisa. Your photos are awesome.


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